Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: An emotional moment for Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

Naira and Kartik pray that everything gets fine in their lives. The family knows Naira is strong and pray that she doesn’t fall weak. Devyaani looks after Naksh and Kirti. Kirti worries when the flowers soil is changed by the gardener. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her move to dump kada prepared by Devyaani. Naira undergoes some tests before the surgery. She learns a male doctor is going to do her surgery. She runs from the ward. Kartik finds her scared and runs after her to know the matter. Naksh and Kirti come to the same hospital for check up. They find Kartik and Naira tensed and try to know the matter. Kartik tells Naksh about the surgery. He asks Naira to clear Naksh’s misunderstandings soon.

Naksh wants to know why Naira is so afraid. Dadi worries that Kartik and Naira may remain childless. She fears that the family can’t get a heir. Naira asks Naksh to go, as she can’t share the matter. Naksh asks her to take help from Kirti if needed, as Kirti is also around. Naira tells Kartik that the problem is a male doctor is treating her. She explains that she can’t get the surgery done by a male doctor.

Kartik tells her that its not a big problem, they can request for a female doctor. He asks her not to change this doctor only because he is a male. He gives her some wisdom. She agrees to get treated by the same doctor. Naira and Kartik meet the doctor. Doctor tells Naira that she has to stay comfortable during the treatment. Kartik asks the doctor about Naira’s pregnancy chances. Doctor asks them not to panic. He tells them that surgery is critical and doesn’t assure any guarantee. Naira still wants to take a chance and undergo the surgery. She asks Kartik not to tell the family about the surgery chances, since the family can get disappointed. The family waits for Naira and Kartik.

Naira gets a surprise finding Naitik home. Naitik tries to reveal her fears to Goenkas, but Naira stops him. Manish feels Naira is very strong and can manage this easily. Naira asks the family not to accompany them on the surgery day. Kartik gets emotional when he talks to Lav and Kush, and reads their sweet letter to God. The kids pray that Naira and Kartik get blessed with a baby. Kartik wishes their prayers turn true. Naitik doesn’t want to take any chance with Naira’s safety. He asks her how is she going for the surgery, which isn’t necessary. She tells him that its necessary as entire family has hopes from her. She wants to become a mother and give a heir to Goenkas. She tells Naitik that she didn’t tell Kartik about her phobia, knowing he will not let her go ahead. She asks Naitik to support her in her attempt to fight with her fears. Naira goes for the surgery and deals with her fears. Kartik faints down seeing her.


  1. Kaira your Jodi is perfect really all husbands are like you Karthik and all wives are like you naira you both play a nice role in show Karthik supporting naira is really interesting part of it


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