High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Upcoming tracks of hit shows

Woh Apna Sa:
Jia and Rano compete to prove their love for Arjun. Jia blames Rano for a theft case. Rano steals the idol jewelry. When Arjun’s mum questions Rano, the latter proves herself innocent. Rano then hides the jewelery and ends all the evidence. Rano plays a drama. Jia doesn’t find the jewelry in Rano’s bag. Jia explains Arjun that she isn’t lying. Arjun gets upset with Jia. He asks Jia not to blame Rano. He doesn’t listen to her. Rano wants to fail Jia in the tough tasks. She wants to wed Arjun and complete the left over wedding rounds. Rano wants to get Arjun’s love. She is ready to do anything to win the challenge. Jia doesn’t lose courage. She has lost in one test but is sure to pass in other tests. Jia is also determined to marry Arjun. She knows Rano isn’t good-hearted and Arjun will never be happy with her. She wants to expose Rano’s truth in front of Arjun and his mum.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya cries for Abhi. She can’t live without him. Abhi also misses her. They both gain strength from each other’s memories. Pragya tries to prove Abhi’s innocence and bail him out. She gets slapped by a lady outside the court. Abhi gets to see Pragya getting insulted by the lady. He gets worried and runs to protect Pragya.

Kundali Bhagya:
Karan wants to break Preeta and Prithvi’s engagement. He gets to see Prithvi with his girlfriend. The girl tells Karan that Prithvi was her ex-boyfriend in the college. Karan will be taking advantage of the matter and expose Prithvi.

Soumya is trying hard to convince Harman and awaken his feelings. Jasleen and Shanno add sleeping pill in water to make Harman asleep. They don’t want Harman to see Soumya’s efforts. Preeto fails Jasleen’s plans. Nani is glad that Preeto is supporting Soumya. Jasleen doesn’t want Harman and Soumya to unite. She feels Harman is unhappy to live his life with a kinner. Jasleen has no idea about Harman’s intense love.


Kali witnesses Fighter Dadi’s strength during the latter’s fight in her lane. She gets too impressed and thinks if Susheel can follow the path of Fighter Didi to make her own name. Kali meets Susheel and learns Susheel is staying outside her dad’s house to protect her self-esteem. Kali gets more proud of Susheel and supports her. Kali wants Susheel to meet Fighter Didi. She suggests Susheel to make a career in women’s wresting, so that the family is proud of. Susheel agrees to Kali. She finds out about Fighter Didi by searching on net.

Chakor, Gauri and Suraj get ready to go Mumbai. Kasturi and Bhuvan bless them. Chakor is supporting Gauri in her journey of making her new identity. Chakor has failed to explain Chagan that Gauri has her own rights to live life her way, and do something that pleases her heart.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira gets prepared for the surgery. She deals with her fears. Kartik encourages her. He hugs her with an assurance that he will accompany her in the OT. Kartik stays tensed about her surgery. Doctor asks them not to panic and stay calm till the surgery happens. Kartik gets scared and faints down seeing Naira’s operation’s start. Ward boy puts Kartik on the stretcher and takes him out. The family worries for Kartik and asks what happened to him. Naira runs to see Kartik. She asks Kartik why did he faint when it was her operation happening inside.

Zee’s Mohabbat Ka Maha Sangam:

Vedika falls in trouble. She gets scared when a cooker blasts in kitchen. Sahil reaches her and saves her in the nick of time. He hugs Vedika to protect her. The cooker hits Sahil and wounds him. Vedika gets worried seeing Sahil’s wounds. Nidhi has planned the cooker blast to hurt Vedika. Vedika doesn’t know about it. Sahil has a doubt on Nidhi and wants to confront her. Vedika and Sahil have a romantic moment. They come closer because of Nidhi’s evil move. Sahil wants to win the competition and get his marriage and love for Vedika accepted by entire city. Varun wants to win the competition so that he can impress Devika and marry her.


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