Ishqbaaz: Anika’s link with Kalyani mills incident surfaces

Ishqbaaz: Anika gets motivated to inspire Shivay

Shivay takes care of Anika and hides his growing worries. He decides to find about Kalyani mills secret so that he can help his family. Roop reveals the truth to Veer. She had murdered Mr. Kapoor, when he tried to stop her from torching the mills. Mr. Kapoor was much angry and misunderstood Tej and Shakti’s intentions on finding Roop there. Before he could confront Tej and Shakti over sending Roop, she killed Mr. Kapoor. Shakti didn’t know about Roop and doubted that its Tej who has done the evil work. Shakti was much upset with Tej. Roop killed Mr. Kapoor to save her life. She torched the mills and ran away from there. Tej and Shakti reached the mills and saw Mr. Kapoor dead, while Roop clicked their pictures to frame them.

Veer gets excited to know that Roop still holds those pictures, which are enough to ruin the Oberois. He asks Roop to leak the pictures in the media. Shivay starts searching to know about the secret. He comes across an important link. He learns about a witness, who is related to Anika. Veer asks Roop to produce the pictures. He gets glad seeing the pictures where Oberois are seen like committing Mr. Kapoor’s murder.

Roop tells Veer that she had used Mr. Kapoor’s murder to get into the family again. She pretended to be a good helpful sister for them. She reveals how she executed her next plan to move Mr. Kapoor’s body out of fire, so that police can find the body and arrest Tej and Shakti. Anika’s dad Harshvardhan was a loyal employee of Oberois. He had seen her in the middle of the crime. Roop stabbed him too so that she doesn’t leave any evidence behind. Roop tells Veer how she had planned to turn the tables against. Harshvardhan got spotted by the police. He got blamed for the fire incident. Tej and Shakti also got mistaken that Mr. Kapoor and Harshvardhan torched the mill. Roop succeeded to make her place in the family by acting as a dutiful member. Tej and Shakti made Roop part away with her son for the sake of family reputation.

Roop sacrificed her son so that she could live with her family. She chose her family by sending away Veer. Veer forgives Roop. He gets angry on Oberois who separated him from his mum. Roop tells him that Harshvardhan’s involvement news will be separating Shivay and Anika forever. Shivay tells Anika about the foreman. Anika falls asleep and doesn’t hear him. Roop asks Veer not to worry, as she didn’t leave any evidence against her. She reveals to Veer that she had killed Harshvardhan and Mr. Kapoor, but no one could know it. He asks Roop to use such evidences against the Oberois. Roop wants to break down Shivay and Anika by using this secret. She wants to trap Anika by using her past connection with the mills incident. Shivay and Anika come up with a plan to trap Veer.



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