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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Ikyawann: Susheel reads about the lady wrestler Sarthi who is known as Fighter Didi. She gets interested to know more about her. She recalls the humiliation done by Satya. Kali decides to meet Susheel and tell her about Fighter Didi. Soumya gets romantic with Satya. Sejal spies on them. She gets angry seeing Satya’s shameless and unrepenting behavior. Sejal laughs seeing their romance spoiling. Soumya understands Sejal is against her. Sejal tells Soumya that none can throw her out of the house. Sejal challenges Soumya and asks her to be careful. Sejal gets support from Vishu.

    Kali meets Susheel and helps her in cooking. She asks her to follow recipes on laptop. Kali asks her what happened that she left the house. Susheel narrates the entire incident to Kali. Kali asks Susheel to show the world what she is capable of. She asks Susheel to restore her dignity and earn Dada ji’s lost pride by leaving her past behind.

    She tells Susheel that she met Fighter Didi yesterday. Leela tries to know who has ruined her chillies. She scolds her men. Susheel meets Sarthi and gives her introduction. She tells her that she wants to make her own identity by learning wrestling. She sounds confident. Sarthi shoves off Susheel and gets angry on her. Susheel realizes she doesn’t have accumulated strength yet. Sarthi then does Susheel’s aid. Susheel gets to see Sarthi’s world. She decides to become part of Sarthi’s small world. Sarthi applies salt to Susheel’s wound to answer Susheel’s questions. Susheel gets too hurt. She finds Sarthi too tough. Sarthi asks her to go home. Susheel recalls her humiliation and gets determined to not quit. She doesn’t want to lose out to such society which oppresses women.


    Naira gets a nightmare and gets worried thinking about her surgery. She hides her fears from Kartik. He asks her to sleep well and wake up early. Kartik supports her. She gets scared thinking of the operation. Naksh and Kirti have a sweet moment. He asks her to promise that she will always talk out if there is any matter bothering her. Dadi performs rituals so that Naira’s surgery goes on well. Naira and Kartik leave for the hospital on auspicious time. Naitik and Naksh decide to go to the hospital and support Naira. The family members also feel the need to be at Naira’s side. They all want to give her moral support. Kartik asks Naira not to feel scared of anything, as he will be there with her.


    Shivay takes care of Anika and hides his growing worries. He decides to find about Kalyani mills secret so that he can help his family. Roop reveals the truth to Veer. She had murdered Mr. Kapoor, when he tried to stop her from torching the mills. Mr. Kapoor was much angry and misunderstood Tej and Shakti’s intentions on finding Roop there. Before he could confront Tej and Shakti over sending Roop, she killed Mr. Kapoor. Shakti didn’t know about Roop and doubted that its Tej who has done the evil work. Shakti was much upset with Tej. Roop killed Mr. Kapoor to save her life. She torched the mills and ran away from there. Tej and Shakti reached the mills and saw Mr. Kapoor dead, while Roop clicked their pictures to frame them.


    Kamini reprimands Avni and Saisha for lying to her about Saisha’s parents. Avni clears out that she never lied to her about Saisha. Kamini demands to know about Saisha’s real family. She declares that she won’t let KK marry any orphan. Saisha admits that she is an orphan and she lied to them. Shweta informs Bebe that Avni is alive, but Neil is annoyed with Avni. She says Avni has made a big sacrifice for us, Avni would be missing us as we miss her. She asks Bebe to get ready for Mishti’s engagement. She wants to attend Mishti’s Roka. Bebe gets happily surprised with the good news. Kamini asks KK to see Saisha’s cheat. She creates a ruckus on Saisha’s big lie. KK too gets disappointed.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Mihika meets Bhavna and tries to sort Ishita’s problems. They decide to do a puja for Ishita, so that the evil spirit doesn’t follow her. Simmi learns about the puja and ruins the puja. Ruhi is ready to do anything for Ishita’s sake. She protects the diya and keeps Simmi away. Mihika tells Ruhi that she is saying truth, Ishita is really in danger. Simmi wants Ishita to be harmed. She is happy that Ishita is in danger. Mihika reveals the entire matter to Ruhi. Ruhi get concerned for Ishita. Shagun takes Ishita to the church so that the spirit stays away. Ishita refuses to enter the church. Her behavior turns strange. Raman, Aaliya and Shagun worry seeing her.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Rahul refuses to kill his people on Namrata’s command. Namrata asks him to kill the villagers. Rahul slaps Namrata. He scolds her for mocking love and playing such a bad game. He can’t believe she can stoop so low. He tells her that he knows her entire truth, her wicked side and crimes. He asks Namrata to have some shame and end this game of killing people for her greed. He reveals that Badri has helped him come out of her spell. He tells the villagers that Thakur is innocent, Namrata was behind the shivlings’ theft and murders in the temple. He tells Namrata that he hates her. She gets mad about him. He tells her that he will call Yashpal and get her arrested. He calls Yashpal. Seth ji sends his aides to help Namrata.

    Jiji Maa:

    Uttara makes a deadly plan to get Falguni’s uterus removed. She knows only one doctor can help her out in this task. She calls Dr. Malhotra who is her blind devotee. She knows he will never refuse to her. She calls up Dr. Malhotra and asks him to perform the operation on her daughter-in-law. Dr. Malhotra agrees to do anything for Uttara’s sake. Uttara then hypnotizes Falguni to get her to the hospital. She makes Falguni for the operation. She conspires to end her problems forever. Falguni falls in Uttara’s trap.


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