Laado 2: Anushka to learn Shaurya’s background


Dadi shows an old photo album to Anushka. Anushka finds Juhi and Shaurya’s pictures. Dadi tells her about Shaurya’s past. Anushka stitches clothes for Kajal’s doll. Dadi tells some childhood incidents to Anushka. She leaves the album for her and goes. Anushka tries to keep the album in some shelf. She stumbles. Shaurya comes on time and holds Anushka. Anushka doesn’t want to get Shaurya’s attention. Dadi then spots them and blesses their pairing.

Anushka asks Shaurya to leave her. Shaurya takes Anushka out with him. She learns Shaurya is a criminal, he was sent to juvenile jail some years back. She reacts angrily knowing this. She didn’t know about Shaurya’s back story. She feels bad that Shagun too didn’t reveal anything. Dadi explains Anushka that Shaurya was helpless to do the crime, he wasn’t wrong and just defended himself. Anushka then realizes that she had held wrong opinion about Shaurya and misunderstood him. She thinks of apologizing to Shaurya.


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