Naamkarann: Neil to reprimand Saisha for labelling Avni a cheat


Kamini reprimands Avni and Saisha for lying to her about Saisha’s parents. Avni clears out that she never lied to her about Saisha. Kamini demands to know about Saisha’s real family. She declares that she won’t let KK marry any orphan. Saisha admits that she is an orphan and she lied to them. Shweta informs Bebe that Avni is alive, but Neil is annoyed with Avni. She says Avni has made a big sacrifice for us, Avni would be missing us as we miss her. She asks Bebe to get ready for Mishti’s engagement. She wants to attend Mishti’s Roka. Bebe gets happily surprised with the good news. Kamini asks KK to see Saisha’s cheat. She creates a ruckus on Saisha’s big lie. KK too gets disappointed.

Kamini scolds Saisha. Avni asks Kamini not to say anything to Saisha, as the latter is immature. Kamini doesn’t listen to them. Saisha asks KK to listen to her once. KK feels cheated. Kamini calls off the Roka. She asks Avni to leave with Saisha. Prakash, Shweta and Bebe land there to attend the Roka. They get too glad on meeting Avni after ten years.

They learn that Mishti’s engagement isn’t happening and take Avni and Mishti home. Bebe feels Avni and Mishti should talk out first. She gives them time. Saisha justifies her lie to KK. She apologizes to Avni for not revealing anything before. Avni tells her that KK didn’t support her in front of his family, which means he doesn’t love her truly. Kamini tells the media that Saisha has lied to KK and wanted to take advantage of his success and fame. Kamini doesn’t let KK give any statement in Saisha’s favor. Kamini ruins Saisha’s respect in front of the media. She tries to make KK a sympathetic person. Kamini learns about Avni’s background. She learns Avni and Neil are married. Kamini leaks the news in the media.

Saisha learns the entire truth about Avni and Neil’s past. Saisha feels cheated by Avni, who lied to her about their past. She scolds Avni for making fun of her life. She reprimands Avni for living like a coward all her life. Avni doesn’t reveal why she lied. Saisha asks her if its right to lie to family and run away by changing identity. Neil and his family support Avni. Neil scolds Saisha for being selfish and just thinking about her, rather than realizing Avni’s sacrifices. Avni accepts her identity. She feels sorry to get away from Neil and family, being helpless to secure their lives. She tells Saisha that she was just protecting her and their family from a person who wanted to harm them. Saisha asks Avni to tell her surname, so that they can talk to Kamini. Avni refuses to mend her principles. She asks Saisha to make her identity on her own, rather than running after surname to satisfy the society.


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