Tu Aashiqui: JD’s vicious act to separate Ahaan-Pankti

Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan and Pankti's breaking relation

Ahaan takes care of Pankti. He sits by her side while she sleeps. Ahaan wants to protect her and imagines their post marriage days, when he would be taking care of her as a dutiful husband. He looks forward for their marriage. He doesn’t know what has happened with her. Ahaan learns she has come home to meet her. He has no idea that Anita has sold Pankti to JD again. Anita has cheated Ahaan and Pankti yet again. JD made a vicious plan to take advantage of Pankti after injecting drugs to knock her consciousness. Ahaan doesn’t know that JD tried to molest Pankti. JD plays his dirty games. Pankti is dropped to Ahaan’s room.

JD wants to frame Ahaan and Pankti in his trap. Ahaan wants to give her the news of their marriage date fixing. Ahaan takes selfie with her. He gets glad like his dreams have come true. Pankti gets conscious and thinks of JD’s evil act. She fears to reveal the incident to Ahaan. She recalls how she had fallen unconscious and just Sheetal was present around, but in a state of coma. Pankti worries to think of the dire happenings. She thinks if JD has done anything wrong with her, as nobody was present to help her out.


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