Udaan: Chakor-Suraj’s moment of solace


Chakor, Gauri and Suraj get ready to go Mumbai. Kasturi and Bhuvan bless them. Chakor is supporting Gauri in her journey of making her new identity. Chakor has failed to explain Chagan that Gauri has her own rights to live life her way, and do something that pleases her heart.

Chakor and Suraj arrive Mumbai. They manage their stay at a hotel. Suraj asks her not to worry about Chagan, as they will totally support Gauri in the exhibition. Suraj plans a mini vacation with Chakor. She wants to see the city. Suraj and Chakor spend some romantic moments. Suraj likes the city and tells her that they will stay in Mumbai Aazaadgunj. She wants to return to the village once Gauri gets successful in her work. Suraj and Chakor look after their daughter and spend some peaceful time. They aren’t aware of Imli’s existence and evil plotting against them.


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