Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman gets stressed about Ishita’s weird behavior

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge Letdown for Raman and Simmi

Mihika meets Bhavna and tries to sort Ishita’s problems. They decide to do a puja for Ishita, so that the evil spirit doesn’t follow her. Simmi learns about the puja and ruins the puja. Ruhi is ready to do anything for Ishita’s sake. She protects the diya and keeps Simmi away. Mihika tells Ruhi that she is saying truth, Ishita is really in danger. Simmi wants Ishita to be harmed. She is happy that Ishita is in danger. Mihika reveals the entire matter to Ruhi. Ruhi get concerned for Ishita. Shagun takes Ishita to the church so that the spirit stays away. Ishita refuses to enter the church. Her behavior turns strange. Raman, Aaliya and Shagun worry seeing her.

Raman gets too worried finding Ishita sleeping in a graveyard. He takes her to the castle. He really thinks Ishita is troubled. Bhavna tells Mihika and Ruhi to do few things which can help Ishita. Adi seeks Roshni’s help to find Romi. He hides the problem from Aaliya. Aaliya feels sad when Adi leaves with Roshni. Adi doesn’t find the diamonds. He fears for Romi’s life.

Roshni asks Adi not to worry, as she will not let anything happen to Romi. Ishita forgets her doings when she wakes up. Raman doesn’t let Shagun tell her anything. Simmi tries to spoil Mihika’s preparations, so that Ishita’s state stays the same. Mihika and Ruhi warn Simmi against meddling in their matters. Simmi wants to make sure that she troubles them more. Raman takes Ishita for the city tour. He stays stressed about her. Adi thanks Roshni for supporting him. Roshni wishes Romi is fine. They try to find Romi. Ishita orders icecream. She doesn’t realize the spirit is serving her the parcel. Ishita falls in trouble after consuming the icecream. Ishita gets possessed by the spirit completely.



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