Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Shambu to guide the way to Rahul-Gauri


Rahul, Gauri and Latika come across Shambu on the way. Rahul fails to find Namrata, who got rescued by Seth ji’s aides. Shakti doesn’t change her evil intentions and plans to kill Thakur and Lakhan. She joins the villagers to find the Holy Shivlings. She takes advantage of the chaos and decides to hit Thakur with a stone. Rahul wants to get hold of Shambu to know about the Shivlings. Rahul follows Shambu and reaches a temple. Gauri and Rahul look for Shambu, who suddenly disappears after knowing them the way. Rahul finds Yashpal in the temple.

He observes Yashpal and feels the latter is captivated by some spell. Rahul brings Yashpal to senses and asks him about his plan. Yashpal tells him that he doesn’t remember who dropped him to the temple. Shambu rescued Yashpal from Seth ji’s aides. Yashpal and Rahul see Namrata and try to nab her. Namrata runs away seeing them. She doesn’t want to get arrested. She looks for Shambu to find the Shivlings before anyone else.

Shambu finds a thief and teaches him a lesson so that the thief doesn’t commit the crime of robbery again. Rudra and Shambu stay together. Namrata reaches the Shivlings by tracking the truck. She then sees the Shivlings enlightening and revolving in the air. She tries to hold the Shivlings. Rahul and Yashpal reach her and catch her red-handed. They compel her to call Seth ji so that they can arrest him too. Seth ji learns Yashpal’s plan. He laughs on Yashpal for his poor planning to employ Namrata. He reveals that he has kidnapped Rahul. Yashpal worries for Rahul’s life. Thakur, Lakhan, Gauri and Latika get information about the Shivlings and decide to go to their village. Who will win in the race for achieving the powerful Shivlings? Keep reading.


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