Naamkarann: Saisha and KK hatch a plan to elope


Saisha asks Avni about her parents and surname. Avni refuses to divulge any details, as she feels its not necessary for Saisha to know her surname. She advises Saisha to come out of these petty things and answer people by her success and fame. Avni wants Saisha to make a career in singing and also complete her studies, so that she can achieve anything in her life. KK misses Saisha. Kamini tells KK that she would accept Saisha if she gets clear about her background. KK and Kamini ask Saisha for her surname. Kamini keeps a condition and tells Saisha that she will accept KK and her relationship only after knowing her surname. Saisha gets hopeful about getting back in KK’s life.

She informs Avni about Kamini’s condition. She begs Avni to reveal her surname and information about her biological parents. Avni refuses to her again. She asks Saisha if her love wasn’t enough for her, as she has dearly loved Saisha since her childhood. Saisha asks Avni to adopt her and give her a surname. Avni doesn’t want to legally adopt Saisha, as that can make Saisha bend in front of societal pressures.

Avni turns down her request. Saisha gets upset with Avni. She cries on her fate. She calls up KK to share the matter. KK feels sympathetic towards her. Saisha confesses love to him and convinces him to elope with her. KK gets scared of Kamini. He falls in dilemma. Saisha leaves from the house to meet KK at the temple. KK doesn’t turn up there, being confused about his decision. Saisha waits for KK and observes his rejection. She gets stressed up and faints at the temple. Avni and Neil learn Saisha is missing and go in search for her.


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