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Piyaa Albela: Bela makes a plan to kill Naren. She removes the wires in the electric meter and makes some cross connections so that Naren comes to check fuse and gets electrocuted. She wants Naren to lose his life, which will put an end to Praveen’s beating heart. Bela’s plan backfires, when Pooja turns up to check the fuse instead Naren. Bela tries to stop Pooja from checking the wires. Pooja tells her that she has much experience in checking the electric fuse and she can easily fix it. Pooja gets a high voltage shock. She becomes the victim, which worries Bela.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Rahul, Gauri and Latika come across Shambu on the way. Rahul fails to find Namrata, who got rescued by Seth ji’s aides. Shakti doesn’t change her evil intentions and plans to kill Thakur and Lakhan. She joins the villagers to find the Holy Shivlings. She takes advantage of the chaos and decides to hit Thakur with a stone. Rahul wants to get hold of Shambu to know about the Shivlings. Rahul follows Shambu and reaches a temple. Gauri and Rahul look for Shambu, who suddenly disappears after knowing them the way. Rahul finds Yashpal in the temple.


Saisha asks Avni about her parents and surname. Avni refuses to divulge any details, as she feels its not necessary for Saisha to know her surname. She advises Saisha to come out of these petty things and answer people by her success and fame. Avni wants Saisha to make a career in singing and also complete her studies, so that she can achieve anything in her life. KK misses Saisha. Kamini tells KK that she would accept Saisha if she gets clear about her background. KK and Kamini ask Saisha for her surname. Kamini keeps a condition and tells Saisha that she will accept KK and her relationship only after knowing her surname. Saisha gets hopeful about getting back in KK’s life.

Woh Apna Sa:
Rano keeps an eye on Jia. She plans to break Jia’s Maunvrath and make Jia get scolding by Ambika. Ambika scolds Jia when she finds Jia breaking the rules. She reminds how nicely Rano is keeping Maunvrath. Jia fails to say anything against Rano. She waits for the day to end, so that she can reveal Rano’s truth. Jia and Rano keep the fast for Arjun’s sake. Jia challenges Ambika. She asks her to just support truth if she can. Ambika is giving fair chance to Jia.


Zoya tries to know about Yash and Pooja’s accident. She learns Yash knew Pooja since a year. Her love and belief don’t get down. Aditya also learns Pooja’s love for Yash. He gets angered and vents out his hatred for Pooja and Yash on Zoya. Aditya saves Zoya from some men, who offer her lift assuming her to be a call girl. Zoya doesn’t learn their intentions and accepts the lift by arguing with Aditya. Aditya stops Zoya to lend her some wisdom. Zoya scolds him when she doesn’t understand how he helped her. Aditya tells her that the creepy men were about to ruin her dignity, and she should be grateful to him for saving her respect. He doesn’t let her fall in trouble. He tells Zoya that he isn’t so good to spare her life, and he isn’t too bad to take her life.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Daali finds hard to adjust in Kanhaiya’s chawl house. She wants to complain to Janki about her new lifestyle. She calls up Janki and tells him how badly she is suffering in the chawl. She doesn’t like the food, hygiene and comforts in Kanhaiya’s house. She tells Janki that her life has become a hell, because of his stubborness to get her married. Janki doesn’t change his decision and asks her to work out her marriage if she wants his property. Daali plans to divorce Kanhaiya once she gets Janki’s property. She has to keep the marriage for one year. Janki sends some gifts for Daali and Kanhaiya as part of rituals. Daali gets excited to get the gifts. She misses her old life. Daali gets ready for another ceremony. She is asked to wear a saree. She refuses to wear the saree and doesn’t turn up in the ceremony. Kanhaiya takes the challenge to make her wear the saree. Janki gets glad seeing Daali wearing a saree. He gets proud of his decision to get Kanhaiya and Daali married.

Laado 2:
Shaurya shows a painting to Anushka and reminds her how Juhi has made the painting in childhood. Shaurya tells her that it was their love which made him sit in rain while she has made his painting. He tells her that he will always love her even if she doesn’t love him back. He professes his love for her in his usual style. Anushka feels guilty that she is not Juhi and isn’t able to reveal the truth to Shaurya.


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