Ishqbaaz: A huge confrontation between Shivay and Roop


Shivay and Anika catch Veer red-handed and get him arrested by laying the perfect trap for Veer. Anika tells Veer that Shivay has always failed his plans. She taunts Veer for getting fooled so easily. She insults Veer a lot, which infuriates Roop. Veer pledges to ruin the Oberois. Veer tells them that this is not the end, its just a start and he will surely come back to settle scores with them. Roop worries for Veer. She reacts strange. She stops Shivay from beating Veer. She asks Shivay to let police do the work. Veer warns Shivay. He vows to ruin Shivika and entire Oberoi family. Veer gets arrested. Shivay asks the inspector to find out Veer’s accomplice. He hands over the evidence against Veer to police.

Roop threatens to break Shivay and Anika’s pairing. She wants Anika to leave from the house. Roop can’t tolerate her son’s arrest. Shivay and Anika get happy when Pinky accepts Anika heartily. Anika gets emotional on receiving much love from Pinky. Pinky showers love on Anika, feeling her the right person for Shivay.

Pinky accepts her mistake and apologizes to Anika. She tells Anika that her love has won over everything, hatred and annoyances too. Anika and Pinky have an emotional talk. The family continues their celebrations after Veer’s arrest. Pinky tells them about Shivay’s childhood moments. The family laughs on his cute incidents. Shivay gets doubtful about Roop and her child. He tries to gain information about Roop. He recalls the Holi day when Veer told them about his motives. He tries to know who is Veer’s mother. He tries to connect the dots to reach to the roots of the matter. He meets Pinky and asks her about Roop and her child. Pinky tells Shivay about Roop’s illegitimate child, whom she took to the hospital that night when the mills caught fire. Pinky tells him that even Dadi doesn’t know about Roop’s first child, so they all have concealed the matter till now. She doesn’t know anything about Roop. Shivay wants to know if Veer is Roop’s son.

Shivay informs inspector to know if his doubt is true. He realizes Veer is really Roop’s son and has come home to avenge them. He goes to confirm this from Roop, who tries to keep her image clean. Shivay’s doubt gets confirmed when he finds Veer’s picture with Roop. He confronts Roop for having Veer between them to ruin her own family. He asks her about holding such hatred for her family. Roop complains about the family, who made her away from her son, when her son needed his mum. Roop tells him that this family was never of her, the family just values sons. She complains about Tej and Shakti, who couldn’t support her when she needed them the most. She cries out her pain in front of Shivay. She tells him that Oberois have always done injustice with her, they never supported her. She tells him that she has sacrificed her child to stay in the family. She feels she has lost Veer just because of Tej and Shakti. Shivay asks her why didn’t she talk out the matter or fight for her rights, for her son. He asks her is it right to ruin the family to answer them. She tells him that he doesn’t know his family’s truth completely. She reveals Shivay that all the senior Oberois are murderers, they have killed innocent people in the Kalyani mills fire. He doesn’t believe her. Shivay doesn’t get instigated by her. She asks him to reach the mills to know the complete truth. Shivay will be learning the Kalyani mills’ truth. Roop plans to mislead Shivay and make him against his own family.


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