Naamkarann: Saisha’s new drama to upset Avni


Saisha runs away from the house. She wants to elope with KK, but KK doesn’t turn up. Saisha starts the new drama. Avni and Neil get worried for Saisha. Avni gets much hurt. Neil tries to find out Saisha. Neil asks DD to find out Saisha. He assures Avni that he will get Saisha home. Avni feels she has failed to raise Saisha by giving her good values. Neil sends Saisha’s picture to his staff. Avni says I have explained Saisha so much, still Saisha has forgotten the difference between right and wrong.

She feels Saisha shouldn’t get stubborn to compel them for agreeing for adoption. She doesn’t want Saisha to lose in life by giving up to someone’s pressures. She tells Samrat that they also can’t compel Saisha into believing them, Saisha has to be wise and realize her mistake. The family worries for Saisha. Neil wants Saisha to lessen Avni’s tensions. Avni was about to leave Khanna house when this problem comes. Avni stays back with Khanna family.


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