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Laado 2:
Shaurya and Anushka have an argument. Anushka scolded her and made him upset. Shaurya recalls her words and gets his anger out on the punching bag. Anushka meets him and gives him a bouquet while making an apology to him. Shaurya pushes her out of the house. He doesn’t listen to her. She asks him to understand her once. He makes her leave. He doesn’t end his annoyance. Shaurya is blind in Juhi’s love. He is sure that Anushka will fall in love with him.

Woh Apna Sa:

Jia and Rano show attitude to each other and want to win the competition. Jia and Rano make food for Arjun. Rano tries to end Jia’s Maunvrath. She tells Jia that if Ambika lights diya in puja house, she can get an electric shock. Jia gets worried and stops Ambika from lighting the diya. Ambika scolds Jia for causing a bad omen. Rano succeeds in her plan. Binny makes Akash her servant and does emotional torture. Akash tries to apologize and win her heart again. Binny dumps the food on his head and makes him run for completing her tasks. He does a lot to get her love. Binny makes him dance on her fingers.

Meera reaches late in the final Kabaddi competition. Her team mates burn her kabaddi costume. They get angry on Meera and make her out of the team. Meera tries to save her jersey from fire. She gets burns on her hand. Meera explains the team mates that she didn’t do wrong, she was stuck in some important work. She wanted to stop Vivaan and Amaya from leaving the pind. She had to reveal their mum’s truth to them. Vivaan feels bad that Meera lost her place in the kabaddi team because of him. Meera’s dreams shatter. She sheds tears. Vivaan and Amaya take her home. Dolly prepares Meera for the pre-wedding ceremony. Vivaan realizes Meera is a genuinely nice girl. Vivaan gets grateful that Meera got his mum’s truth in front of him. He wants to help her out.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Shorvori couldn’t let Teni stay in the chawl, knowing she won’t be protected from the truth there. Teni has adapted her past again. Parth offers a job to Teni from Shorvori’s side. Teni accepts the job after seeing the big house of Bhanushali family. Teni doesn’t know Parth is Shorvori’s husband. She thinks Parth is a driver. Parth and Shorvori fulfill the duty of their friendship. Teni gets greedy to live in the lavish house. She doesn’t know Parth is the heir of the Bhanushali family. She finds her bag in the room and questions them. Parth makes excuses to answer her. It gets tough to convince her.

Ishq Subhanallah:
Kabeer and Zara have a moment when they go on their honeymoon. The families have sent them forcibly. They try to get separate rooms, but get helpless to stay together, because of shortage of rooms. Kabeer and Zara make the partition on the bed. Kabeer helps her. Zara gets taunting him that he isn’t a right person. They have a long argument and fall asleep. Zara hugs him. After she wakes up, she blames him for hugging her. Kabeer reminds her how she was coming close to him. They argue like always. He shows her how she made the partition fall down. She apologizes to him. They try to know each other, but end up arguing. Their friendship begins. They dine together. Their love story will soon take off.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil gets stubborn. He wants Vedika to support him and perform in the dance competition. She stands under sunlight and tells her that he won’t move till she agrees to him. Sahil gets weak and stumbles. Vedika holds her. She doesn’t want to hurt his wounds more. Sahil gets fainting by the pain. Vedika agrees to him finally. She gets ready to participate in the couple dance competition. Sahil wants everyone to accept them as husband and wife.


Chandra gets kidnapped by Sindhal. He doesn’t get scared of Sindhal and his men. Sindhal tells him that its better to die as a free martyr than being a slave of the Britishers. His words touch Chandra’s heart and influences him a lot. Chandra’s thinking changes. He confronts Sitaram for being a slave to Shambunath and Britishers. He tells Sitaram that they all are slaves, education won’t make any difference till they don’t have freedom. He argues with Sitaram, who gets angry on him and raises a hand. Jagrani stops Sitaram. Chandra doesn’t want to live tied up as a slave.


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