Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita decides to get rid of Sonakshi’s spirit


Ishita spots Sonakshi’s spirit again. Raman and Shagun get scared for her, after knowing her connection with Sonakshi. Shagun tells Ishita about Sonakshi’s details. She discusses the matter with Raman. They decide to keep the matter to themselves so that Ishita doesn’t get scared. Romi calls up Mihika and apologizes to her. He sets things fine between them. Roshni and Adi have a talk. Her words impress him. Roshni feels relations should grow stronger with time. She asks him to call Aaliya and apologize. They meet Aaliya and Ishita on the way. Adi tries to apologize to Roshni. Aaliya gets glad. Adi tells her about the day. Aaliya thanks Roshni for teaching this good behavior to Adi. She gets upset that Adi is not spending time with her.

Shagun and Raman visit Sonakshi’s house to know about her. Raman gets more confused about Sonakshi. Romi tells Raman that Ishita is with Aaliya and Adi. Raman asks him to keep a watch on Ishita. Romi goes to find Ishita, when he finds her missing. He then finds Ishita somewhere in the market, in the middle of a weird moment. He gets scared when he finds Ishita’s crazy behavior. Ishita then forgets what she did. Romi takes her back to Raman. He doesn’t tell her what she did.

Raman and Shagun get to see Sonakshi’s house address written by Ishita. Raman tells Romi that Ishita is seeing Sonakshi’s spirit everywhere. Raman reveals the entire matter to Romi. He tells Romi that maybe Sonakshi knew Ishita before. He doesn’t want to lose Ishita. Raman and Shagun try hard to hide the matter from Ishita. Shagun feels things are going out of hands. She doesn’t know why is Sonakshi torturing Ishita this way. Raman gets scared that the matter is getting complicated. He doesn’t want to take any chance as its about Ishita. Shagun advises Raman that they should go back home. Mihika worries for Bhavna. She calls up Bhavna to know if she is fine. Ishita gets the parcel in which Raman has hidden Sonakshi’s details. Raman stops her from seeing the parcel. Ishita decides to keep a soul peace puja for Sonakshi. She doesn’t want her problems to reach her family. She tells Shagun that they can perform the puja in London. Sonakshi still follows Ishita.


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