Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A new entry marks Aryan-Suhana’s alliance talk


Kartik and Naira decide to stay positive and accept any result as fate. They decide to meet the doctor and know the surgery results. Naksh plays the dhol and surprises Goenkas. Singhanias get a good news for Naira. They reveal the positive results of Naira’s surgery, that Naira can conceive soon. The good news bring much joy in Goenka family. Naitik tells Naira that she is completely fine and can soon have a baby. Naira thanks Lord for fulfilling her dreams. Kartik and Naira congratulate each other. Their attempts succeed. Naira doesn’t stay stressed about anything. Kartik hugs her. Everyone dances and celebrates the good news.

Suhana and Rahul plan to dupe the Goenkas, finding them too happy. Dadi tells Naira that her prayers are fulfilled, she wants to take the gold idol to place in the temple. Suhana and Rahul decide to meet Savita in the same temple. Rahul tells Savita about Goenka family, who are very rich. Dadi gets Kartik and Naira to the temple, so that they can thank Lord. Savita gets to see the gold idol and finds a chance to get her hands on it. She plans to steal the gold idol.

Naksh gets too happy that Kartik and Naira will soon have a baby. Kirti finds him hiding his back pain and worries for him. Dadi gets relieved that everything went well. Dadi tells Manish that they will talk to Suhana’s family to talk about Aryan and Suhana’s alliance. Aryan gets too happy to know about his marriage. Dadi gets a bad news. She tells everyone that the idol which she placed in the temple to fulfill her mannat got stolen. Suhana scolds Savita for stealing the idol. She doesn’t want Savita to get trapped. Savita asks her to sell the idol and make money. Goenkas wonder about such thieves, who doesn’t even spare Lord idols. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa don’t want to compel Kirti into doing something that she doesn’t will to. Kartik and Naira spend some romantic time and celebrate their togetherness. Manish and Suwarna have a tiff over Aryan and Suhana’s alliance matter.


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