Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil and Vedika’s mesmerizing moment

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Finally Sahil-Vedika have a union

Sahil always dreams of Vedika and his romance. Devika and Varun have an argument. Vedika teaches them dance so that they win the couple dance competition. Sahil wants Varun and Devika to win the prize money. Badi Amma has foiled Sahil’s plans to participate with Vedika. Varun and Devika want to prove that they are the best. Sahil and Vedika help out the lovers. Organizers ask Vedika to perform before of the celebrity’s absence. She has to start life fresh. She doesn’t have any job. Vedika takes up the opportunity to get money to manage her family expenses. Vedika’s beauty mesmerizes Sahil.

Vedika decides to perform solo, as she is not in the competition. Vedika performs on stage. Sahil gets bowled over seeing her stunning performance. He holds his heart and claps for her. Varun asks Sahil is he with them or in any other world. Sahil dreams Vedika’s victory. Vedika sees Sahil dreaming again. She thinks he can never change.


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