Ikyawann: Satya denies to accept Susheel’s qualities


Sarthi gives tough tasks to Susheel, when the latter comes in the wrestling grounds for practice. Susheel realizes Sarthi gives her such tasks that would make her tough. Sarthi wants Susheel to become more stronger and confident. She asks Susheel to catch the hens. Susheel gets angry when she hears Satya’s name. She focusses her anger to catch the hens. Susheel succeeds to catch some hens. Sarthi asks her not to use her past to shape her future. She suggests Susheel to forget Satya. She tells that she knows everything about Susheel and Satya. Leela warns Soumya against cheating her. Leela doesn’t want Soumya to lie to her again. She tells Soumya that even Satya won’t like her lying like this.

Satya gets angry on Soumya’s lie. Vishu tells Satya that Susheel would never cheat him or the family. Vishu asks Satya to realize the difference between Soumya and Susheel. Satya can’t hear anything against Soumya. He asks Vishu not to overreact on Soumya’s little mistake. He doesn’t understand what Vishu wants to explains him. Vishu understands Satya is not ready to accept Susheel’s good qualities. He feels Satya has got blind by Soumya’s beauty.

Soumya meets Susheel to pass her some taunts. Susheel answers back to Soumya. She doesn’t want to bear any nonsense again. Soumya gets angry. Kali supports Susheel. She is hopeful that Susheel will receive a good training from Fighter Didi and make her name in wrestling. Kali encourages Susheel to make her family proud. She wants Satya to repent on his mistake. Susheel asks Kali about everyone. She thinks of Satya. Soumya complains to Satya about Susheel. She wins his sympathy. Satya gets smitten by her charming acts. He tells her that he can never get upset with her, as he wanted a pretty girl like her in his life. Sarthi prepares Susheel for her next task. She feels Susheel isn’t ready for the training. She wants Susheel to qualify in more tasks.


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