Ishqbaaz: Roop to mislead Shivay against Oberois

Daksh faints in the mandap knowing Anika is close to expose him in Ishqbaaz

Roop instigates Shivay against the family elders. He finds everyone in a jolly mood. Roop tells Shivay that he shall see the truth by his own eyes. She asks him to reach the mills at night. Roop then messages the family members and asks them to do something to deal with Mr. Kapoor’s murder blame. She warns them to save themselves. She wants them to go to the mills, so that Shivay catches them red-handed in the act. Roop fools them by scaring them about Mr. Kapoor’s dead body, which could be recovered by the police. They all don’t want to get caught by police. They decide to go to the mills at night and hide Mr. Kapoor’s skeleton.

Rudra gets a shock when Bhavya changes the room completely. She designs the room as per her tastes. Omkara pities Rudra and tells him that he didn’t get Gauri do this, as he cleared it out to her soon after the marriage. He asks Rudra to be a man and have his upper hand. Rudra pities the men who got married and lost everything to their wives. Omkara teases Rudra.

The elders reach the mills. Shivay gets in dilemma if he should go to the mills by doubting the elders. Anika tells Shivay that the elders have gone in some marriage ceremony. She asks him to stay back and enjoy the rains. Shivay doubts that the elders have gone to the mills. He tells her that he has to go for some important work. He feels he should spy over senior Oberois to know if Roop is right about them. Anika sings a song to entertain and engage Shivay. He still manages to leave. Shivay reaches the mill and finds the elders’ cars at the mill. Roop awaits Shivay at the mill. Tej and Shakti dig up the place and find Mr. Kapoor’s skeleton. Tej tells Shakti that Roop was saying right about them, they have to hide the matter completely. Shivay catches them in middle of the act. He gets heartbroken. He can’t believe his family elders can do this.

Shivay gets courage to confront his elders. He asks them did they murder Mr. Kapoor. He tells them that he has denied all the evidences as he believed them, but today their crimes are speaking on their behalf. Shivay gets shattered knowing they are really murderers. The elders deny the blames. Shivay doesn’t believe him and holds them responsible for the fire incident. Roop succeeds to break Shivay from the family. Anika gets to see a TV show and doubts on Shivay, if he went to meet some girl. She clears the confusion from her mind. Anika gets busy in the TV news. Rudra and Bhavya find Anika’s behavior weird and laugh on her tension.


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