Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Gauri to realize Kaal Bhairav’s mystified journey


Seth ji tells Namrata that he will not get caught so soon. He reveals to Yashpal that he has caught up even Rahul now. He kidnaps Rahul and pressurizes Namrata and Yashpal. He asks them to find the Shivlings and hand it over to them if they want Rahul safe. Yashpal shoots at Seth ji. He realizes there was just a dummy in his place. Seth ji abducts Namrata. Yashpal finds the recorder. Seth ji asks Yashpal not to waste time after him and get searching for Shivlings. Yashpal finds Seth ji a clever minded person. He loses out to find Seth ji and his true identity. Seth ji is confident that he will get the Shivlings soon.

Gauri reads a spiritual book and finds a way to reach the Shivlings. She recalls the history of Kaal Bhairav and realizes where she has to lead. Seth ji tortures Namrata by leaving numerous rats in her cell. Namrata shouts to seek someone’s help.

Gauri tells Thakur that she knows where she has to go. She decides to find the Shivlings first. She tells him that she will visit Kashi and find the Shivlings, as she is very much sure of their location. Thakur tells her that the story may not be related to actual location. He tells Latika about Kaal Bhairav and Brahmadev. Gauri tells Thakur that many innocent people are killed in their temple. Thakur then believes that Kaal Bhairav and the Shivlings have gone to Kashi for self purity. Gauri justifies her opinion. She tells him how the Shivlings are travelling by some or the other medium. She tells Thakur that she is much sure and is leaving for Kashi to wait for Shivlings to reach at Ganga ghat. She asks Thakur to trust and bless her. Gauri leaves in search for Shivlings.

Seth ji’s men get Rahul home. Rahul meets Preeti and Minty. Seth ji doesn’t happen them, as they are really his family. Rahul and Preeti don’t know that Seth ji is their beloved Indra. Thakur, Lakhan and Latika decide to support Gauri in her aim. Thakur tells Gauri that he trusts her and wants to accompany her, as he is also responsible towards their village and temple. Seth ji/Indra’s identity gets disclosed. Namrata gets to meet Seth ji in person. Seth ji threatens her. He tells her that now he has met her and he wants the Shivlings at any cost. He asks her to reveal about the Shivlings. She tells him that she has no idea about the Shivlings. He punishes her for her smartness. She tells him that it was Yashpal’s plan to trap him. Indra gets furious. He asks her to find Shivlings, if she wants Rahul alive.


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