Kaleerein: Big twists lined in Meera’s marriage

Kaleerein: Thrill, suspense and horror twist next

Meera and Sumer are getting married. Sumer dances and gets his baraat for Meera. Vivaan sees Meera in her bridal attire. Meera witnesses the baraat arriving her home. Vivaan finds Meera upset. Its a big day for Meera. Vivaan wants to stop Meera’s marriage. Vivaan hugs Sumer. Sumer asks him to do bhaangra with him. Vivaan is troubled. He is trying hard to save Meera’s life. He has learnt that Sumer is not a right man, he doesn’t love Meera and is just cheating her. Vivaan wants to expose Sumer in front of Meera. Vivaan gets tensed when Meera is brought to the altar. Vivaan and Meera steal a glance. They both don’t want to confess their feelings.

Vivaan thinks of some solution. Sumer announces that he has a surprise for everyone. He surprises Meera by playing a video about her childhood. Meera and her family smile. Sumer then plays the video of Meera and Vivaan’s intimacy. It gets shocking for Meera’s mum and dad.

Vivaan gets a big shock. He fails to expose Sumer, after the latter plays his clever trick. Sumer cancels the marriage himself. Sumer wants to marry Silky. He points a finger at Meera’s character. He refuses to marry bad character girl Meera. Meera’s parents defend her. Meera’s dad beats up Sumer. The drama gets high. Vivaan gets speechless. He knows Sumer has presented the video in wrong light, as Meera didn’t do anything wrong. He wants to tell them that situation was not such as seen in the edited video. Vivaan fights with Sumer. They both get enmity between them. Vivaan threatens Sumer. He gets protective about Meera. Vivaan will be marrying Meera.


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