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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Naamkarann: The media questions Avni over Saisha’s illegitimacy, which infuriates her. Avni answers the media to defend Saisha. She takes a stand for Saisha. Neil gets to see old Avni back. The family likes the bold and daring Avni in their lives. Avni tells Sunehri that she will always fight with the society for the sake of children. She doesn’t want to give up her fight. She tells Sunehri that they will return home. Saisha wants to meet KK. Avni asks Saisha to forget KK and move on. Saisha turns upset. Neil asks Avni if her decision is right about Saisha. Neil doesn’t want Avni to worry for him now. He tells her that he will move on and deal with her truth. He clears out that their ways are apart now.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Seth ji tells Namrata that he will not get caught so soon. He reveals to Yashpal that he has caught up even Rahul now. He kidnaps Rahul and pressurizes Namrata and Yashpal. He asks them to find the Shivlings and hand it over to them if they want Rahul safe. Yashpal shoots at Seth ji. He realizes there was just a dummy in his place. Seth ji abducts Namrata. Yashpal finds the recorder. Seth ji asks Yashpal not to waste time after him and get searching for Shivlings. Yashpal finds Seth ji a clever minded person. He loses out to find Seth ji and his true identity. Seth ji is confident that he will get the Shivlings soon.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman, Ishita and family spend some time at the pub. Roshni tries to bring Adi and Aaliya closer, so that their fight ends. Adi and Aaliya have a dance. Roshni tells Shagun that she should also express her love to Mani. She says petty things always make a relation stronger. Adi finds Roshni a changed person. He gets impressed with her maturity. He ends up hurting Aaliya. Aaliya feels bad that Adi’s attention is on Roshni. Raman and Ishita spend some good time together. He tells her that he always wants to be with her. She asks him if he found anything about Sonakshi. She tells him that she doesn’t know Sonakshi personally. She asks him to share his findings, so that she can also solve the mess. Aaliya gets upset with Adi, when he seems more interested in Roshni.


    Roop instigates Shivay against the family elders. He finds everyone in a jolly mood. Roop tells Shivay that he shall see the truth by his own eyes. She asks him to reach the mills at night. Roop then messages the family members and asks them to do something to deal with Mr. Kapoor’s murder blame. She warns them to save themselves. She wants them to go to the mills, so that Shivay catches them red-handed in the act. Roop fools them by scaring them about Mr. Kapoor’s dead body, which could be recovered by the police. They all don’t want to get caught by police. They decide to go to the mills at night and hide Mr. Kapoor’s skeleton.


    Sarthi gives tough tasks to Susheel, when the latter comes in the wrestling grounds for practice. Susheel realizes Sarthi gives her such tasks that would make her tough. Sarthi wants Susheel to become more stronger and confident. She asks Susheel to catch the hens. Susheel gets angry when she hears Satya’s name. She focusses her anger to catch the hens. Susheel succeeds to catch some hens. Sarthi asks her not to use her past to shape her future. She suggests Susheel to forget Satya. She tells that she knows everything about Susheel and Satya. Leela warns Soumya against cheating her. Leela doesn’t want Soumya to lie to her again. She tells Soumya that even Satya won’t like her lying like this.


    Aryan reaches Kartik and Naira to seek their help in his alliance. Kartik’s romance plans breaks out. Kartik still goes to help Aryan. Suwarna asks Manish to think of Aryan’s happiness. Manish asks her not to react hastily and think wisely before committing to Suhana. Dadi asks Manish not to worry, as Suhana is not so bad. Manish tells her that they have a right to know about Suhana. He tells Suwarna that maybe Suhana isn’t right for their family. He wants Aryan to know more about Suhana, so that they can judge her rightly. He doesn’t think Suhana is like Naira. He feels Kartik’s fate was good that he fell in love with a good family girl.

    Jiji Maa:

    Uttara doesn’t want Suyash to know the truth of Falguni’s operation. She also wants to hide the fact from Falguni that her uterus isn’t removed by Dr. Sonali. She asks Shom to receive Falguni’s real reports and replace it by fake ones. She wants to fool Falguni. She can’t afford to lose to Falguni. Shom goes to the hospital to get the reports before Falguni. He succeeds to get the reports but then misses out the real reports in the nick of time. Shom then learns someone else have picked the real reports. He gets afraid to inform Uttara about it. Shom doesn’t realize that the reports have got swapped. Falguni finds the reports that gets missed by Shom. She happens to see Shom in the hospital. She doubts that Uttara also wants to hide the reports from Suyash. Falguni then receives a shock when she meets Zeenat.

    Falguni finds the reports that gets missed by Shom. She happens to see Shom in the hospital. She doubts that Uttara also wants to hide the reports from Suyash. Falguni then receives a shock when she meets Zeenat. Uttara gets panicking to know if Falguni learnt the truth. Zeenat collects the reports. She gets disheartened to know about Falguni. She asks Falguni how did she take such a big decision to remove her uterus. Falguni cries out her pain. She tells Zeenat how Uttara has compelled her to do so in order to get Vidhaan and Niyati married. Falguni feels bad to hide the truth from her loved ones. Zeenat feels Uttara has ruined Falguni’s life by showing her Niyati’s dreams. Falguni decides to tell the truth to Suyash. Zeenat feels Falguni should tell him on right time. Falguni doesn’t learn that she is absolutely fine and Dr. Sonali didn’t perform the operation on her. She feels guilty to face Suyash. Falguni comes home and tells Suyash that the reports are normal. Suyash suspects her.



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