Naamkarann: Avni to learn Saisha’s big blunder


Avni and Neil get Saisha’s letter and realize that she has eloped with KK. Saisha gets ditched in love when KK couldn’t keep his promise of marrying her. Saisha returns home. She breaks out to Avni why she took such a step to run away from the house. Avni learns Saisha’s truth. She slaps Saisha in anger. She scolds Saisha after she knows Saisha’s blunder. Saisha was hiding her truth from everyone. Avni asks Saisha how could she ruin her future this way. She can’t accept Saisha’s pregnancy. She asks Saisha why did she do this, she has created many problems for herself this way. Saisha apologizes to Avni.

Saisha tells Avni that she loves KK and didn’t realize this would happen. She apologizes to entire family. She feels she had upset Avni a lot. She cries out and asks Avni to forgive her once. Avni tells her that she didn’t raise hand on her before. She shows her the right path, being Saisha’s guardian. She wants to get Saisha’s life back on track. She feels guilty that maybe her upbringing wasn’t good enough to give good values to Saisha. Avni consoles Saisha, knowing she is immature and didn’t intentionally do anything such.


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