Naamkarann: Kamini to foil Saisha’s wedding plans

heartbreaking Neil Avni

The media questions Avni over Saisha’s illegitimacy, which infuriates her. Avni answers the media to defend Saisha. She takes a stand for Saisha. Neil gets to see old Avni back. The family likes the bold and daring Avni in their lives. Avni tells Sunehri that she will always fight with the society for the sake of children. She doesn’t want to give up her fight. She tells Sunehri that they will return home. Saisha wants to meet KK. Avni asks Saisha to forget KK and move on. Saisha turns upset. Neil asks Avni if her decision is right about Saisha. Neil doesn’t want Avni to worry for him now. He tells her that he will move on and deal with her truth. He clears out that their ways are apart now.

Neil gets annoyed with her. He doesn’t stop Avni from leaving. Prakash asks Neil to stop Avni back. Neil tells him that he loves Avni, but he can’t forget her lie. Neil gets too hurt. Prakash fails to convince Neil. Samrat asks Saisha to return home with them. Saisha calls up KK and makes a plan to elope. Neil doesn’t say a word when the family bids farewell to Avni. He doesn’t want Avni to become part of his life again.

Saisha runs away from the house. She leaves a letter for Avni. Bebe gives Avni a token of love. She asks Avni not to refuse for it. Avni shares an emotional moment with Neil’s family. Neil controls his tears. Avni gets Saisha’s letter. She learns Saisha has eloped with KK. Saisha doesn’t want to fight with Avni for her love. She reaches the temple and waits for KK. Saisha and KK decide to get married. Saisha meets the pandit and tells him that she has come for marriage, and groom would be coming any moment. Avni and Neil start finding Saisha. Avni gets upset that Saisha didn’t learn a lesson after all these happenings. She feels sorry that she couldn’t win Saisha’s confidence. She tries to know about KK.

Saisha gets worried when KK doesn’t come. KK’s parents learn that he is missing. Kamini realizes KK has definitely gone to meet Saisha. KK finally reaches the temple to meet Saisha. He wants to tell her that he is really serious about her. KK makes a mind to marry Saisha. Kamini reaches the temple and confronts KK for his move. Kamini asks him if he is sure about his decision. KK asks his mom to let him marry Saisha. Kamini doesn’t permit him to do it. She emotionally blackmails KK by counting her favors on him. She influences KK and wants him to be back home. KK changes his mind and leaves with Kamini. He chooses Kamini over Saisha. Kamini meets Avni and insults Saisha. She asks Avni to control Saisha and find her to stop her from targeting someone else. Rahil helps Avni and Neil in their search.


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