Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Roshni to influence Adi and Aaliya’s relation

adi aaliya relation breaking

Raman, Ishita and family spend some time at the pub. Roshni tries to bring Adi and Aaliya closer, so that their fight ends. Adi and Aaliya have a dance. Roshni tells Shagun that she should also express her love to Mani. She says petty things always make a relation stronger. Adi finds Roshni a changed person. He gets impressed with her maturity. He ends up hurting Aaliya. Aaliya feels bad that Adi’s attention is on Roshni. Raman and Ishita spend some good time together. He tells her that he always wants to be with her. She asks him if he found anything about Sonakshi. She tells him that she doesn’t know Sonakshi personally. She asks him to share his findings, so that she can also solve the mess. Aaliya gets upset with Adi, when he seems more interested in Roshni.

Mihika worries for Bhavna. She visits Bhavna’s house and finds it locked. She gets scared for Bhavna’s life. She thinks if she landed in any problem. Adi drops Roshni home. She thanks him. He likes her new life. She thanks him, as their marriage changed their life, he was the one who got her out of her village.

She tells Adi that she has told everyone that she is married, so that she avoids some problems that single women face. Adi wishes the best to Roshni. Ishita feels Raman and Shagun are hiding something. She tells them that she won’t ask them anything till they decide to tell her. Aaliya asks Adi is there anything going on between Adi and Roshni. Aaliya vents out her frustration on Adi. Roshni happens to hear them. She tries to sort out the matter.

Raman and Shagun decide to take Ishita back home. Mihika informs Shagun that Bhavna is missing and she couldn’t fulfill the puja. Shagun tells Mihika that they are returning home. She reveals their findings at Sonakshi’s house. Ishita asks Shagun not to confide anything against her will. She tells Shagun that they should keep a soul peace puja for Sonakshi so that they can leave all problems at a safe distance. Ishita doesn’t want her family to go through anything. Shagun protects Ishita by making her wear a spiritual locket. They get hopeful as Ishita appears fine and untroubled by Sonakshi now. They leave to catch their flight to Delhi, being unaware that Sonakshi is still following them. Sonakshi still chases Ishita to fulfill her motives. Raman and Ishita return home with their family members. Shagun gets relieved to know everything got fine in Ishita’s life. Ishita falls in new troubles.



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