Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira’s suspicion to upset Suwarna

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira's mistake

Aryan reaches Kartik and Naira to seek their help in his alliance. Kartik’s romance plans breaks out. Kartik still goes to help Aryan. Suwarna asks Manish to think of Aryan’s happiness. Manish asks her not to react hastily and think wisely before committing to Suhana. Dadi asks Manish not to worry, as Suhana is not so bad. Manish tells her that they have a right to know about Suhana. He tells Suwarna that maybe Suhana isn’t right for their family. He wants Aryan to know more about Suhana, so that they can judge her rightly. He doesn’t think Suhana is like Naira. He feels Kartik’s fate was good that he fell in love with a good family girl.

Suhana comes home to impress the Goenkas. Rahul and Savita meet the Goenkas. Manish doesn’t get impressed with Suhana. Aryan welcomes Savita heartily. Savita does a drama of a rich and classy girl. Dadi and Suwarna get a relief seeing Suhana’s family, who also look equal to them in status. Savita gifts the same gold idol of Kanha to Naira. She tells Naira that Suhana told her about her pregnancy and that’s why she found a perfect gift for her. Savita gets lying about her family to please the Goenkas.

Dadi wants a respectable and rich family for Aryan. Savita tells everything about her family and ancestors. She lies much. Dadi gets pleased talking to her. Savita’s gift shocks the entire family. They see the same idol which they have lost in the temple. They get suspicious about Savita. Goenkas demand to know an answer. Savita acts innocent. She tells them that she didn’t get any robbed item for them. She produces a fake bill of the gift. She asks Naira to check it, rather than humiliating her. Naira apologizes to Savita. Suhana acts friendly to Naira. She thanks Lord for saving her from Goenkas’ suspicion.

Savita asks Dadi to match Suhana and Aryan’s kundlis to get a date for the wedding. Suwarna gifts her bangles to Suhana. Manish feels Suwarna is hurrying to fix the alliance. She doesn’t get easily convinced by Savita and Rahul. She asks Suwarna why is she doing such things, her decision can make her regret later. Suwarna takes his promise to fulfill Aryan’s happiness. Manish tells her that even Aryan would suffer if this decision goes wrong. He gets stressed about Suwarna and Aryan’s stupidity. Kartik tries to relieve Manish’s stress. Naira asks Manish to do some simple stress relief exercises. Kartik and Naira try to make things fine at home.

Suwarna is sure that Aryan has found the right girl for himself. Aryan too blindly believes Suhana. Rahul and Suhana get happy that they have impressed Goenkas. They look forward to dupe the family. Manish worries for Aryan, who is not smart and vigilant. He tells Kartik that he doesn’t want anything wrong to happen with Aryan. He makes Kartik and Naira promise that they will look after Aryan’s happiness. Manish becomes a concerned dad. Naira shares her doubts with Kartik. She feels its the same idol which Dadi has placed in the temple. She gets doubtful about Suhana, which upsets Suwarna.


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