Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi to employ Vedika in her motives


Aarohi is much worried. She is using Vedika by taking Tara’s disguise. She gets angry seeing Vedika resting. She says this is my house, what are you doing here, mom has a big media event, why are you sitting here. She finds Vedika sick and turns caring for her. Aarohi is soft-hearted and worries for Vedika. Vedika asks her why is she caring for her, as she hasn’t see Tara like this before. Aarohi says I m doing this for my mom’s reputation. She gets back in Tara’s role.

Vedika tells her about someone’s attack on her. Aarohi says no one can attack you in our house, maybe mom’s enemies have done this, I will try to find out the culprit. Vedika decides to leave. Aarohi doesn’t want her plan to fail. She decides to find the secret before Prithvi. She tries to stop Vedika at home. Aarohi scolds Vedika and compels her to stay back. She indirectly gives clues to Vedika. She knows Vedika can help her expose the family. One of the family member has got the clue and hidden it from Vedika to fail Aarohi’s plan.


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