Ishqbaaz: Shivay to counter Roop’s evil intentions

Ishqbaaz: Roop returns to change Obros' equations

Shivay gets upset when he finds his elders at the mills. He believes they are really murderers of Mr. Kapoor. He tells them that he was proud of them before, but now he has witnessed their crime. He tells them that they have even burnt the mills and killed many people. The elders plead innocence. They tell Shivay that they didn’t kill Mr. Kapoor. Anika awaits Shivay and attacks with water. Omkara gets splashed. Rudra tells Omkara that Anika is awaiting Shivay, who went for a business meeting. Shakti and Tej try to clarify to Shivay. They tell Shivay that they didn’t say the truth before as they have no proof of their innocence. Pinky swears to Shivay that they are innocent. They fail to convince Shivay. Omkara and Rudra pull Anika’s leg by telling her about Shivay meeting some female client. Gauri and Bhavya also joke on Anika’s cute belief on Shivay. Omkara tells Anika that office is shut right now and Shivay lied to her. They wonder where did Shivay go.

Tej and Jhanvi also swear that they aren’t the criminals. Roop arrives there to expose the senior Oberois. She doesn’t want them to win Shivay’s trust again. She tells Shivay that she has evidence of his elders’ crime and then he won’t believe the family again. Roop lies to Shivay that she has witnessed them during the bad act. She reveals the photos which she clicked many years ago. Shivay and elders get a big shock on seeing the pictures.

Omkara and Rudra try to call Shivay. They find his phone switched off and worry for him. They tell Anika that they were just pulling her leg, but they are really worried for Shivay. Tej demands an answer from Roop. He understands Roop has done all this and framed them. He scolds her for tainting the family’s respect. Roop tells them that she hates them for always valuing their dignity. She asks them if it was her mistake, why was her son punished. She reveals that Veer is her son, which shocks the senior Oberois. Roop gets emotional. She tells Shivay that she has longed for son for years and now the Oberois separated him again by sending him to jail. Shivay tells Roop that Veer has gone to jail for his black deeds.

Shivay then believes his family. He realizes Roop has framed the family for exacting the revenge. He tells Roop that she can’t prove his elders wrong. Roop tells Shivay that she has clicked their pictures even today and now she will not spare them. She then admits that the elders are really innocent in the crime, but the court won’t believe them. Shivay witnesses Roop’s crime. Roop admits all her crimes when she fails to convince Shivay against his family. Shivay wants to find out about any person who could help them in proving them innocent. He tries to get more information about the foreman.

He is sure that they will learn the truth after finding the hidden link. Roop wants to frame the foreman in the crimes. She conspires to break Shivay and Anika. She is sure that Shivay won’t forgive Anika, once he knows her dad was responsible for the fire incident. Anika gets worried for Shivay when he doesn’t come home. Shivay demands Khanna to retrieve information about the mill’s staff. Khanna gets some details about the staff. Shivay searches for some clue. He meets Tia to know if Anika is the foreman’s daughter. Tia confirms his doubts. She doesn’t want Shivay’s decision to affect Anika and their relationship. What will Shivay decide? How will he prove his family innocent? Keep reading.


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