Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Indra’s devilish side to be witnessed


Preeti and Rahul try to know from Minty about Seth ji. Minty shocks them and tells them that she has seen Seth ji, who is actually her Papa Indra. Preeti doesn’t believe Minty. She loves Indra a lot and knows he can never be Seth ji. Rahul explains Minty that Indra is dead. Preeti says Indra’s soul will be hurt if she links him with Seth ji. Namrata is on her search for Shivlings. She gets her anger out on people. Seth ji is after her life. He wants Namrata to find shivlings. Gauri finds Shambu and Rudra while being on the way to Kashi. She tells this to Thakur. They get down the bus and try to find Shambu. Thakur decides to meet Shambu.

Yashpal gets transferred. He asks the senior not to transfer him all of a sudden. He suspects the senior to be involved and refuses to leave the case. He wants to find the Shivlings. Shambu and Rudra disappear. Gauri misses to find them. Thakur tries to know about Shambu and Rudra by asking the saints.

Shambu and Rudra hide from Gauri and Thakur. Namrata and Seth ji also try to find out about Shambu and Rudra. Namrata wants to save her life from Seth ji. She gets countered by Seth ji. She tells him that she is close to get this Shivlings. Thakur gets to see Seth ji. Namrata begs Seth ji to spare Rahul’s life. Gauri learns Rahul is kidnapped by Seth ji. Seth ji threatens of killing a little boy. Thakur gets enraged and wants to save the boy. Lakhan stops Thakur from intervening. Seth ji shows his devilish side. Rahul and Preeti will be learning Indra’s truth.


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