Kaleerein: Sumer plots Meera and Vivaan’s big clash

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to get remarried

Meera slaps Vivaan. Vivaan and Meera have an argument. She gets angry on him after seeing the video. She throws away her Kaleerein. Sumer acts innocent. Meera and Vivaan know the video is edited and false. They deal with the shocking video. Meera pleads innocence. She tells the family that she is innocent. Sumer has deliberately done this to take revenge from Vivaan. Meera feels Vivaan has made the video to ruin her respect. She doubts on Vivaan. She doesn’t know how can Vivaan do this. Sumer and Silky tell Meera that Vivaan has planned this to ruin the marriage. She doesn’t know Sumer has planned this. Vivaan beats up Sumer and asks how dare he play such a video, where there is nothing between him and Meera.

He ruins the video screen and lamps. He tells Sumer that he had given a chance to him to change, but he has broken all limits now. Sumer gets arguing with Vivaan. He stoops low by her verbal fight.

Meera gets sorrowful when Sumer accuses Vivaan and Meera for having an affair. Meera doesn’t trust Vivaan. NGO women protest against Meera. Her marriage breaks. Dolly stops the women from insulting Meera. The women shame Meera and her family. They forcefully take Meera. Bua has called the NGO women to hurt Meera. Vivaan tells Meera that he will marry her, since Sumer has refused. He takes a stand for Meera’s respect. He saves her from the NGO women.


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