Naamkarann: KK decides to take up his new responsibility


Neil gives an icecream treat to kids. He enjoys spending time with the kids. He has a good bond with Mogli. He bonds with Samrat and others too. Neil wants to give happiness to kids. He comforts their stay in his house. Later, Avni finds Neil upset. She tries to end his annoyance. He talks out his grievances. He tells her that he hates her and doesn’t want to forgive her. She understands his hatred. She knows he loves her a lot and this hatred is just his anger, which will end soon. She regrets to break Neil’s heart. She explains him with love. He doesn’t let her come close. He gets drunk and loses to handle himself. He reprimands Avni. Avni wants to go back with the kids. Sunehri and entire family try to stop Avni.

Avni learns Kamini has bought Aisha’s house to trouble her. Neil and Avni face the problems. Saisha gets pregnant and faces Avni’s anger. Saisha commits another mistake. She reaches the hospital to abort the baby. She realizes her mistake. She refuses for abortion. Neil meets KK and informs him about Saisha. He makes KK realize his mistake. He asks KK not to be a coward and take a stand for his responsibility. He asks KK to decide if he truly loves Saisha.

KK reaches Saisha and learns about her pregnancy. He tells Saisha that he won’t permit her to go ahead for the abortion. He makes his mind to take his child’s responsibility. He wants to marry Saisha and have their child in their lives. He promises Saisha that he will rectify their mistake. Avni too explains them that they can give a good life to the child. She doesn’t want Saisha’s child to have the same tag of illegitimacy. Avni feels KK is a nice guy and he is deserving of Saisha. KK explains himself and his decision to Avni, Bebe and Shweta. Avni asks him not to deny his feelings and decision again, by getting forced by Kamini. Avni wants KK to stick to his decision. Avni blesses KK and Saisha. She looks ahead to get them married. Neil and Avni unite Saisha and KK. KK and Saisha’s marriage track will be next. Kamini would oppose their relation again and bring twists in Neil and Avni’s lives.


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