Naamkarann: Saisha’s pregnancy news disappoints Avni


Avni reaches Kamini’s place to know about Saisha. Kamini has emotionally blackmailed KK and got him home. She insults Avni and Saisha. Neil takes a stand for Saisha. She tells Kamini that KK is equally at fault. Kamini tells them that KK doesn’t love Saisha, else he would have been with her. Neil demands KK to answer his mom. KK gets numb. Avni scolds them for being so insensitive. Avni tells them that she hates them for their dual faces. She feels KK is a loser in real life. She wants to find Saisha. Kamini asks Neil and Avni to get out from her house. Neil feels KK is really a bad person, who doesn’t know the meaning of trye love. Neil and Avni try to find Saisha, who is waiting for KK at the temple. KK breaks down and feels sorry.

Kamini pacifies him and asks him to keep his superstar image. Mitali and DD try to find Saisha. Avni gets tensed thinking of Saisha. Rahil calls Avni and informs her about Saisha’s whereabouts. He asks Avni to meet Saisha at the temple. Neil and Avni rush to meet Saisha. They find her in a bridal dress. Saisha feels Avni didn’t let KK come to her. She vents out her anger on Avni.

Saisha feels bad that KK didn’t keep his promise. Saisha collapses. Neil and Avni take Saisha home and think she is too stressed. Avni feels she has to do something so that Saisha moves on in life. Mitali apologizes to Neil. She feels bad that she has lost a friend in order to get his love. She asks Neil to remain his friend forever. Neil gets upset with Mitali and Avni over their lies. Mitali feels she has lost Neil forever. Neil then decides to forgive Mitali. She promises to just consider him as a friend. Avni gets a shocking news when doctor tells her about Saisha’s pregnancy. She doesn’t know how to make Saisha understand her mistake.

Avni slaps Saisha. She reveals her pregnancy to everyone. She gets angry on Saisha for crossing the limits in her madness. She feels Saisha has failed her upbringing. Shweta asks Avni to forget whatever happened and think of the needful step. Saisha apologizes to Avni. Avni feels fate is testing her again and again. Shweta wants to handle the situation. Saisha feels sorry to hurt Avni’s heart. Avni tells Sunehri that they have failed to teach right to Saisha. They cry on Saisha’s mistake. Saisha worries for raising the child alone. Avni asks Saisha to abort the child. Neil opposes Avni’s decision.



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