Shakti: Soumya struggles to fail Jasleen’s intentions

Soumya last rites

Harak gets a heart attack. The family gets worried for him. Harak is doing this drama to stop Harman and Jasleen’s marriage. Harak is compelled to do this to hide Soumya’s kinner identity truth. Harak wants to save his family respect. He tries to show Soumya that he is hiding her identity truth. Preeto asks Jasleen not to marry Harman. Jasleen doesn’t listen to her and thinks only for Harman’s happiness. Baisakhi festival will be celebrated. The show will have a merger with Savitri Devi and Udaan.

Surbhi wants to stop Harman and Jasleen’s marriage. Varun knows Surbhi’s planning. He engages her in Baisakhi celebrations to stop Soumya. Harak has paid money to Varun to stop his wife from ruining their plotting. Harak secretly supports Jasleen, so that Soumya can get throw out from their house forever.

Varun blames Surbhi for the theft. He acts innocent and calls police. He gets Surbhi arrested. Maninder tries to save Surbhi. Varun asks Surbhi what was the need to steal the gold necklace. He tells her that he loves her and was ready to beg on roads for him. Surbhi asks him to stop nonsense and his dirty drama. She says I didn’t do anything, I know you are behind this plotting. The neighbors believe Varun. The lady then finds the jewelry and takes her complaint back. Surbhi gets freed from the police. Surbhi wanted to reach Soumya and help her out in stopping Harman’s re-marriage. Surbhi gets trapped in Varun’s plan and gets late to reach Soumya. Soumya falls alone to stop the marriage. Jasleen wants to complete Harman’s life by having a perfect marriage. Jasleen is ready to marry him, even when Soumya didn’t get divorced from him.


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