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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devika doubts on Varun again. She tries to hear his conversation. She barges into the house and asks him what is he hiding. She spies on him. He tells that he has killed his brother, as there is no stronger emotion than revenge. She hears just half of the story. She reacts angrily. She asks him why did she kill his brother. She can’t accept any criminal in her life. Varun was just rehearsing for his audition. She tells him that she can’t marry him. He tries to explain her that he was talking to his friend and recording his audition. He wants to tell her that he is Varun and Prince too. He doesn’t want Devika to get hurt. Devika will be emotionally hurt by his lie. There will be big drama when his twin role gets known.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Ira proves her friendship with Akhilesh. She returns home and leaves her dreams. She supports Akhilesh. She praises Akhilesh and gets a job from him. Akhilesh tells her that he will join as a gym trainer only if she succeeds him in his work. He teaches Surya Namaskar to Ira. He tells her that if she learns from him, he will think he is capable to teach others. He asks Ira to tolerate him if she wants to be his friend.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Yash and Mohena get married. They take the wedding rounds. The family gets happy for them. Yash hugs Diya and Ratan. Ratan tells Kakisa that they all are united. He promises that he will set everything fine. Mohena gets angry seeing Diya. She is not happy with the marriage. Mohena wanted to have a destination wedding in Italy. She didn’t know Yash won’t fulfill her dreams. Mohena gets affected by Yash’s family problems. Diya and Ratan are parting ways by getting divorced. Ratan gets blamed for their bankruptcy. The investors meet Ratan and ask him to return their funds.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren starts behaving strange and forces Pooja to drink wine. She gets a shock on seeing his madness. She stops Naren and asks him to get to senses. Naren acts like Praveen. Bela witnesses their argument. Pooja doesn’t accept any nonsense.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya learns Simonika is alive. She wants to prove Abhi innocent in the court. She tells Dadi that Simonika is alive and she is the culprit who framed Abhi in the fake murder case. She wants to get Abhi home with all the deserving respect. She tells the family that she don’t need to bail out Abhi now, everyone will know he is innocent. She says Simonika has taken a different identity to ruin Abhi, but she won’t pass in her evil intentions. She is sure to expose Simonika. The family gets happy and hopeful after Pragya’s revelation.


Sarthi is training Susheel for becoming a wrestling champion. Susheel feels bad when Satya tells her that he is marrying Soumya within ten days. The goons trouble Sarthi’s house women. Susheel stops the goons in Sarthi’s absence. The goons initiate a fight. Susheel beats them to pulp and teaches them a lesson. Susheel doesn’t spare them and vents out all her anger on them. The goons run away. Susheel shows her bold side. Susheel celebrates Kali’s birthday in her clinic. Sejal and Vishu also celebrate with them. Kali thanks Susheel for the surprise. Susheel loves Kali a lot. Susheel invited Satya for the party too. She requested Satya to come for Kali’s happiness. She waits for Satya to come.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Siddhi gets married to Vin. She dreams of his angry reaction, which can slip him in coma. Siddhi decides to hide the marriage truth from Vin. She tells Manjiri that Vin shouldn’t receive any emotional shock. She wipes off her sindoor before Vin gets conscious. Siddhi wants to protect his life. She doesn’t care if Vin doesn’t acknowledge their marriage. Shankar and Manjiri get indebted to Siddhi for saving Vin’s life by marrying him. They aren’t aware that she is Siddhi Joshi. Siddhi will be entering the house to live as Vin’s better half. She will be finding Vin’s hidden enemies in the family.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi is much worried. She is using Vedika by taking Tara’s disguise. She gets angry seeing Vedika resting. She says this is my house, what are you doing here, mom has a big media event, why are you sitting here. She finds Vedika sick and turns caring for her. Aarohi is soft-hearted and worries for Vedika. Vedika asks her why is she caring for her, as she hasn’t see Tara like this before. Aarohi says I m doing this for my mom’s reputation. She gets back in Tara’s role. Vedika tells her about someone’s attack on her. Aarohi says no one can attack you in our house, maybe mom’s enemies have done this, I will try to find out the culprit. Vedika decides to leave. Aarohi doesn’t want her plan to fail.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Anant throws a party for his political tie up. Bulbul and Mandira join the dancers. They perform in Anant’s success party. Bulbul and Mandira are trying everything to prove Vijay innocent. They hide their identities in the disguise. Anant enjoys the party, being unaware of their planning. Mandira spikes Anant’s drink. Mandira wants to dance with Anant and get the locker keys from him, so that they can find the evidence to prove Vijay innocent. Anant gets drunk. Mandira gets the keys from Anant by much difficulty. She rushes to home to check the locker and know about the evidences. She feels she is close to succeed in helping Vijay.

Laado 2:

Later, Anushka falls in a problem. She gets chased by some goons. She runs away from the goons to save herself. She collides with Shaurya. She asks Shaurya to help her, some goons are following her. She asks him to drive the bike fast, why is he waiting. He sits relaxed and drinks coconut water. She asks why isn’t he listening, the goons may reach anytime. Goons reach them. Anushka tells the goons that Shaurya will beat them if he gets more angry. She warns them and asks them to leave. The goons laugh on Shaurya and doesn’t get scared. They catch Anushka and misbehave with her. When things get out of control, Shaurya beats the goons in a heroic style. He safely drops Anushka home.


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