Udaan: Imli to conspire Saanvi’s kidnapping


Suraj and Chakor return to Aazaadgunj along with Gauri. They inform the villagers about Gauri’s success as her talent is recognized and appreciated in Mumbai. Chakor gives the good news of Gauri’s job offer. Gauri wants to take up the work. The villagers get happy for Gauri and congratulate her. Kasturi blesses Gauri for her new endeavours. Everyone gets inspired because of Chakor and Gauri. Chagan gets drunk and argues with Gauri. He doesn’t want Gauri to avoid her household duties. He scolds Chakor for ruining his personal life.

Imli enters Aazaadgunj by donning an old woman’s avatar. She gets to see Chakor and Suraj. Imli learns about their daughter Saanvi. She spies on them to make another plan. Imli gets to hear everyone praising Chakor. She checks the villager’s state. She meets Chagan and learns he is disliking Chakor now.

Chagan has a grudge as Chakor encouraged Gauri to become a working wife. Imli gets happy knowing Chagan is against Chakor. She will now plan to take Chagan on her side and ruin Suraj and Chakor. Imli gets a hope after knowing Chagan’s bitterness. Imli aims to kidnap Saanvi and make her a bandhua to hurt Chakor’s sentiments. Imli will be ruining Chakor and Suraj’s lives again. Her evil got higher. She will never leave her evil traits. Imli will be striking on Chakor’s weakness Saanvi.


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