Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita’s search to get intense

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to take desperate measures

Ishita resumes her normal life back in Delhi. She attends her clinic. She gets Sonakshi’s lunch bag and gets terrified. She asks the assistant to take the bag away. Ruhi commands Raman to have lunch on time. She doesn’t want him to delay the lunch for a meeting. Raman likes to spend time with his children. Ishita finds out Sonakshi’s address. She decides to visit the house and know more about her. Raman gets a note from Ishita and gets surprised. He thinks to meet Ishita and have lunch with her. He calls at the clinic and learns about Ishita’s new problem. He wonders where can Ishita go.

Aaliya gets upset thinking about Adi and Roshni. She tells Mihika about Roshni. She complains that Adi was bonding with Roshni so much, being much impressed with her. Mihika tells Aaliya that she can also work hard and impress Adi, just like Roshni. She asks Aaliya to join the office again and bond with Adi. Aaliya takes her advice. Ishita visits Sonakshi’s house, while Raman reaches her clinic to know about Ishita. He gets worried when he doesn’t learn where she went. Ishita meets Sonakshi’s mum.

Adi starts imagining Roshni. He gets rude towards Aaliya. They have an argument. Adi asks Aaliya to do her household duties. Aaliya tells her decision that she wants to join office again. Adi doesn’t approve her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to prove anything to him, but wants to make her own identity. He says your identity is one, that’s my wife. Raman gets to hear Adi’s stupid words and scolds Adi over disrespecting his wife. He permits Aaliya to join office and make an identity.

He reminds Adi that he owns the company and also his surname. He scolds Adi for having such a narrow mindset. Simmi learns about someone chasing Ishita. She thinks of informing Parmeet. Ishita meets Sonakshi and returns the tiffin. She meets some other Sonakshi and gets relieved that she isn’t the same. She then gets a shock on seeing a dead person’s picture, who happen to be the taxi driver who dropped her to the airport. Simmi and Parmeet try to find who is Ishita’s big enemy. Raman assures Ishita that he will always be with him.


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