Naamkarann: Neil’s intense hatred throw out on Avni

heartbreaking Neil Avni

Avni feels ashamed of Saisha’s deed. She can’t believe how Saisha failed her upbringing. She decides to support Saisha and show her the right path. She goes to meet Saisha. Saisha apologizes to Avni for her immaturity. Avni tells Saisha that she has forgiven her and she will never leave her. She finds a solution for Saisha. Avni tells her decision to Shweta. She doesn’t care for the society and thinks of keeping the baby by convincing Saisha. Saisha too doesn’t want to raise the child alone. Avni wants Saisha to accept the responsibility and face the world.

Shweta tells Avni that Saisha isn’t as strong as her, it won’t be easy for Saisha to raise an illegitimate child. Shweta suggests Avni that Saisha should abort the baby to end the problem. Avni gets a shock, and realizes Shweta isn’t wrong. She wants Saisha to decide for her life.

Neil comes home drunk and sits in darkness. Avni brings light in his life. Avni tries to make up to him. He tells her that he will live in darkness and she shouldn’t be bothered about it. She tries to talk to him about Saisha’s pregnancy. Neil doesn’t forget his annoyance. Neil and Avni have an intense moment. He vents out his anger on Avni. He tells her that she has no right on his life now, as she is the one who has shattered his life. He feels she is responsible for all his sorrows. Neil blames her for ruining him and their beautiful relation, which just he preserved one-sidedly. Avni tries to explain him that she left him for the sake of his betterment. Neil doesn’t listen and falls asleep. Next day, the family tells Neil about Saisha’s pregnancy. They all feel KK will not take a stand for Saisha and the child. Saisha apologizes to them for hurting by her drastic step. She worries to manage the child’s responsibilities alone.

Avni asks Saisha to undergo an abortion, for which Saisha doesn’t agree instantly. Avni then takes Saisha to the hospital, by going against Neil. Neil doesn’t want Saisha to abort the child. Neil finds the kids upset and gets icecreams for them to cheer them up. Neil fulfills Avni’s duties by looking after them. Neil tells them that Avni loves Saisha a lot and she will forgive her. Avni wishes Saisha realizes her mistake and stops the abortion herself. Saisha stops the doctor and tells Avni that she doesn’t want to lose her child. She tells Avni that she is ready to manage her child alone, as long as she has Avni on her side. She doesn’t want to abort the child, which will be another mistake of her life. KK learns about Saisha’s pregnancy and comes to meet her. KK intervenes the procedure and stops the abortion. KK promises to accept Saisha and their child. The family tries to bring Neil and Avni together. Neil sticks to his anger and hatred. He conceals his love via hatred.


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