Naamkarann: Saisha and KK to get married

heartbreaking Neil Avni

Saisha and KK get married. Neil blesses them. Kamini too comes to bless her son. Neil and Avni become the witnesses when the lovers get married in the court. Kamini is left with no option than to accept Saisha. Kamini wants to trouble Avni and take revenge from her. Avni packs her bags to leave Neil’s house. Avni gets in a dilemma. Avni gets hurt. Neil sees Avni hurt and turns caring for her. Neil can’t tolerate Avni’s pain. He wishes to stop her, but his anger stops him.

Avni sees love in his eyes. She recollects their old memories. Neil thinks of her lies and their changed terms. He doesn’t stop her. Avni tells his family that she has to leave, since she doesn’t want to hurt Neil. She has tried to convince Neil a lot. He isn’t listening to her at all. Sunehri asks Avni not to hurt Neil again. Neil’s family tries hard to convince Avni. Avni learns about Kamini’s new plotting to trouble her.


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