Ikyawann: Susheel get in dilemma over the tough selection


Susheel surprises Kali on her birthday. They all celebrate Kali’s birthday with much love and wishes. Kali misses Satya. She tells Susheel that she wants to be known as Susheel’s mum now. Sarthi too attends the party and wishes Kali. Kali asks Susheel to turn her weaknesses into strengths. She wishes Susheel to always stay happy. Susheel surprises Kali and Sejal by telling them about the national level wrestling championship selection. She tells them that she is much nervous being an amateur.

Kali and Sejal encourage her. They rejoice knowing the good news. They ask Susheel not to be nervous and go for it. Leela’s aide in Sarthi’s house spy on Susheel and try to ruin her hard work. Sarthi wants Susheel to participate in the selection. Sejal tries to teach a lesson to Soumya.

Satya visits the clinic to meet Kali. He gets hurt because of Susheel. She apologizes to him. Sejal ruins Soumya’s beauty and troubles her. Soumya gets angry. She worries when someone from her past contacts her. Susheel prays for her new journey. Satya gets to see Soumya going out. Soumya lies to him that she is planning Kali’s surprise birthday party. Leela and her aide tries to ruin Susheel’s efforts.


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