Ishqbaaz: Roop stoops lower with an unpleasant condition for Shivay


Shivay gets Anika to her father’s house. She gets to know her real roots, where she belongs and where she got raised. She finds her lost memories in the house. She gets to see her dad and learns about her family. Shivay tells Anika that this is her house. She tells him about her younger sister. Shivay consoles her. He shows her the corners of the house. She gets a good surprise on learning the beautiful truth. She tells him that she had named all the things in the house. She then gets flashes of her past and recollects the incidents. She gets hopeful that Shivay has found her dad as well. She asks him to tell her about her dad. She gets a wish to meet her dad. Shivay then breaks the shattering truth of her dad’s heart. She shatters knowing this.

She asks him about her relatives, who left her at the temple. She misses her sister. She regrets that the relatives have made her part away from her sister. Shivay promises her that he will find her sister. He tells her that he has another surprise for her. He then cheers her up by surprising her in his own style.

He tells her that she is reborn by having a new identity. He wants beautiful memories to replace her bad past. He tells her that this is her birthday in true sense. He celebrates her birthday. Anika thanks him for all his love and support. They together light the candle and cut a cake. Shivay and Anika’s happy moments hurt Roop’s eyes. Roop spies on them, hoping that the truth will break their unity. She doesn’t succeed as the truth doesn’t influence Shivay. Roop calls up Shivay and threatens him of revealing the entire truth to Anika. Shivay and Anika head to home. Shivay meets Roop. She threatens him and asks him to divorce Anika. She wants him to marry someone else. He thinks she has gone mad. She threatens of exposing Harshvardhan’s crime in front of the world. She tells him that she has the suicide note of Anika’s dad, where he has accepted his crimes.

Shivay gets to read the suicide note and learns Anika’s dad is really guilty. Shivay can’t believe it. Roop plots to fool him. She asks him to think about Anika, what will she go through to know she is a murderer’s daughter. She asks him to marry the girl of his choice if he wants to see Anika happy. She gives him tensions upon tensions. He tells her that he knows Harshvardhan is innocent, as he is Anika’s dad. He doesn’t believe Roop, knowing her evil mind. She tells him that she has enough evidence to turn the tables against him. She admits her crimes of killing Mr. Kapoor and burning the factory. She tells Shivay that she has killed Harshvardhan as well.

Shivay gets angry on Roop. She tells him that she forced Anika’s dad to write the suicide note. She traps him and asks him whom will he prove innocent now, Anika’s dad or his family elders, knowing both the parties are innocent. She asks him to make a wise choice and save everyone if he can. He scolds her. She asks him to marry someone else if he wants his family to be safe. What will Shivay do now? Keep reading.


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