Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Rahul to disdain his brother Indra


Preeti and Rahul don’t want to believe that Seth ji is Indra. Rahul tells Preeti that he wasn’t present there at Indra’s final rites time. Preeti tells him that she has done the rituals single-handedly. She asks Rahul not to ruin his brother’s respect. Rahul can’t believe that Indra is Seth ji. He thinks of the huge risks and dangers he invited to take revenge for Indra’s murders. He tells Preeti that he doesn’t want to stain Indra’s name, but he will be the most happy person if Indra is innocent. He gets suspicious and wants to clear all the bothering doubts.

Namrata regrets her mistakes after losing Rahul. She sheds tears. Yashpal tries to find Shambu and Rudra, who hides from him and take the Shivlings ahead. They take shelter from some noble man, who doesn’t have enough living needs at home. Preeti tries to talk to Seth ji and engage him in talk, till Rahul knows about his truth.

Rahul spies on Seth ji to know if he is really Indra. Rahul gets to hear Seth ji’s conversation with his team. Seth ji orders his men to kill anyone who see his face. Rahul learns Seth ji is planning to kill them too. He goes to check his room. Rahul gets to learn about Seth ji’s identity. He gets moved to know Seth ji’s truth. Rahul finds Preeti and Minty in danger. He tells the woman that they are captive by Seth ji. The woman tells them that she has come to take revenge from Seth ji. Rahul clears out that Seth ji isn’t his brother. He stops the woman from exacting revenge from them. Indra will be revealing his true side. Rahul, Preeti and Minty will come face to face with Indra.


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