Naamkarann: Avni decides to unite Neil-Mitali


KK stops Saisha’s abortion. He promises Saisha that he will marry her and take the responsibility of their child. He doesn’t want her to abort their child. Doctor tells Saisha that Avni just got her for normal checkup. Avni tells them that she just wanted them to realize their mistakes and rectify. She asks them to take care of their child. Saisha promises to become responsible. Avni asks KK to stick to his decisions now. KK doesn’t want to leave Saisha’s hand ever. He shares his miseries with them. He tells them that Kamini had been making him away from Saisha. He apologizes to Saisha and Avni.

Avni explains them that love and marriage are such bonds which can never be broken. Neil thinks of Avni, who has broken all the bonds and promises because of her fears. Saisha forgives KK. The family looks ahead to get them married.

Avni dresses up Saisha as the bride. They visit the court for the marriage registry. KK and Saisha get married in the court. Neil and Avni recall their marriage moments. Kamini learns KK’s marriage news and loses her temper. She gets upset that KK ruined their image and expectations.

Prakash asks Neil to accept Avni, since they all know where his true happiness lies. Prakash tells him that Avni is his love and happiness. Neil claims to hate Avni. Prakash asks him to keep his anger down. Neil tells Prakash that he can forgive Mitali than Avni. He doesn’t want to forgive Avni’s big mistake. Kamini meets KK and Saisha at the court. She acts in front of KK. She accepts Saisha for keeping KK’s heart. She wins his trust by showing her understanding side. She asks Saisha to take care of her child, who is the next generation of her family. Kamini does everything by her planning.

Avni gets upset when Sunehri tells her that they didn’t get such happiness of having children. Avni feels guilty towards Neil. She knows she has hurt him a lot. She packs her bags to leave. Avni’s finger gets a cut. Neil runs out of concern and worries for her. Avni gets to see his love again. Sunehri gets the bad news that they lost Sukoon house in the court case. Avni realizes she can’t go back to Sukoon house. She stays back in Neil’s house. Mitali tells Avni that she didn’t do right with Neil. She asks Avni to give Neil his deserving happiness. Avni asks Mitali to marry Neil and give him the deserving love and happiness. She asks Mitali to become an integral part of Neil’s life. Mitali tells Avni that she has promised to consider Neil just as a friend. Avni makes a mind to never return in Neil’s life.


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