Naamkarann: Neil to rescue Avni from deep trouble


Avni learns Kamini has bought Aisha’s house. She was staying in Neil’s house till now. She sees Neil’s annoyance being the same. She hears Neil’s conversation. She gets heartbroken when he expresses his hatred for her. She decides to leave Neil’s house as soon as possible. She goes to find a house for herself and kids. She falls in trouble when she meets the brokers. She asks them to show the property which she wants to take on rent. Avni drinks water and gets dizzy. She doesn’t know what’s happening. She trusted the strangers.

The broker tries to misbehave with her. He tells her that he lied about the house only to get her far from Neil’s house. She scolds them. She doesn’t faint. Kamini has sent the goons to kidnap Avni. Avni bravely protects herself while the goons try to kidnap her. Avni warns them to be away. She gets into a fight with them. She beats the men and runs out of the house. Neil senses Avni is in trouble. Neil will reach to save her once again.


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