Shakti: Harman turns concerned for Soumya

harman shakti

Harman is much angry on Soumya and Preeto. Soumya gets emotional on seeing Harman. He questions her for coming home at night. He scolds her out of his worry. She gets glad seeing his concern. Preeto tells him that she had sent Soumya with the driver to get the haldi for his haldi ritual. Harman asks Preeto how could she send Soumya with the driver, if she really cares for her. He asks Soumya why did she go at night, even if the pandit told them to grind haldi before morning, they should have not done this.

He asks Preeto if she is happy to take risk about Soumya’s life. He asks what if anything happened to Soumya. Soumya asks Harman not to worry. Harman asks them to realize that they are inviting problems. He then gets silent and goes. Soumya and Preeto realize Harman’s feelings for Soumya. They get hopeful that Harman would give up his anger soon and cancel his marriage with Jasleen.


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