Udaan: Karan and Imli to eye SuKor’s happy family


Imli takes an old woman’s disguise and meets the village’s savior Chakor. Imli takes a job in haveli by telling Chakor her sobbing story. Suraj and Chakor hire Imli as a helping aid for managing Saanvi. Imli has a motive to kidnap Saanvi and separate her from Chakor. She wants to give equal pain to Suraj and Chakor. She has one agenda, that’s to make Saanvi her bandhua/slave. Chakor feels something is fishy. She tries to see Imli’s face. Imli hides her face from Chakor and holds a pallu/saree cloth to avoid Chakor’s sight. Imli takes away Chakor from her and tells her that she will manage the baby well. She boasts of her experience in managing kids.

She tries to impress Suraj and Chakor by doing much work in the house. She also does arrangements of the havan. She blesses Chakor. She showers love on Saanvi to get into Chakor’s good books. Tejaswini asks Chakor to let Saanvi be with Maai/Imli.

Chakor gets hesitant as she is overprotective about Saanvi. Suraj and Chakor don’t believe in any superstitions. Saanvi cries a lot since Imli comes home. Chakor tells Tejaswini that they shouldn’t do the puja, the smoke is irritating Saanvi’s eyes. Tejaswini says it will be a bad omen if we don’t keep the puja. Suraj says I don’t believe in any bad omen, we must first ensure Saanvi’s comfort. Chakor asks Imli to stop the havan. Suraj tells them that he will handle everything, even if there is any problem coming for them. Kasturi agrees with Suraj and Chakor. They call off the puja. Chakor gives Saanvi to Imli, when the latter insists. They are unaware that Imli has returned home to ruin them.

Imli will be taking a new disguise to fool Chakor. Chakor would be knowing about Imli soon. Chakor had challenged Karan to come Aazaadgunj and prosper it with big opportunities. Karan comes to Aazaadgunj. He wants to bring a change in the village by developing it completely. Karan has made an entry and would be joining Imli to take revenge from Chakor. Karan gets a place inside Suraj’s haveli. He appears positive to them. Suraj and Chakor don’t know his real evil intentions.


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