Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mihika gets stressed for Ishita’s safety

Shocking twist in YHM

Adi, Ruhi and Aaliya leave for office. Ruhi gives her best wishes to Aaliya, while Adi stays unhappy with the new developments. Ishita and her family women have a day out and enjoy their holiday. Shagun calls up Mihika for a meet. Mihika and Shagun visit the mental ward to meet the patients during the NGO work. Mihika gets a huge shock on meeting Bhavna there. She asks Bhavna what happened to her, why is she here. Bhavna warns Mihika to save Ishita from Sonakshi’s evil spirit. She asks Mihika to save Ishita and her family. Shagun rescues Mihika from Bhavna. Mihika wonders what happened to Bhavna. She doesn’t share the matter with Shagun.

Parmeet gets the credit card fallen and knows it belongs to Mihika. He hands it over to Shravan and tells him that he will pay him for his work with this payment mode. He asks Shravan to start paying his expenses by the new card. Shravan thanks him. He shows off the credit card to his friends. Parmeet wants to create misunderstandings between Mihika and Bala. He wants Shravan to get caught, as this will arise new problems.

Ishita enjoys her time. Raman talks to his employee, who is a troubled husband. He learns a lesson from the employee. He decides to meet Ishita and surprise her. Ishita goes to the spa for a soothing experience. Raman surprises her and gives her a massage. Ishita asks Raman why did he come. He tells her that he just wanted to be with her. Ishita and Raman spend some cute moments. Mihika gets stressed after thinking about Bhavna. She shares her tensions with Romi. He asks her not to tell anything to Ishita. He assures that nothing will happen to Ishita. Mihika tells Romi that Bhavna was someone’s target. He asks her not to worry. Ishita gets threatened by Sonakshi’s spirit.


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