Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Much chaos to arise in Aryan’s engagement


Kartik and Naira meet Brijesh in the hospital. They get in big dilemma. Savita wants Suhana’s engagement to happen soon. Manish opposes this and asks them to wait till Kartik and Naira come. Suhana provokes Aryan against Kartik, as Manish loves him more. Kartik and Naira decide to meet Suhana and question her about Brijesh. She tells him that they should find the truth soon, as this can get worse for Aryan. Manish calls them home soon as Savita is pressurizing them. Savita starts creating a scene in between Goenkas. She asks the family to explain Kartik and Naira later. Aryan too wants the engagement to happen soon. Suhana and Rahul get glad that their plan is going on well. Aryan and Suhana head on to exchange the rings.

Kartik and Naira arrive home with an agenda to know Suhana’s truth. They stop the engagement, which gives jitters to Suhana. KaiRa gets Brijesh home. Goenkas and Singhanias don’t know about Brijesh, who wedded Suhana before. Brijesh claims of Suhana as his wife. Aryan backs him off. Rahul worries that Suhana’s truth can come out. Brijesh shows Suhana’s picture to the family. He tells them that Suhana had left him on the marriage day itself.

Kartik and Naira demand an answer from Suhana. Goenkas get a big shock knowing Suhana married Brijesh for money. Savita asks Rahul to do something. Aryan demands Suhana to answer them. Kartik and Naira reveal to the family about Brijesh, who is a mentally unstable guy, who was cheated big time by his wife Suhana. Aryan asks Suhana to accept or deny the matter, than being silent. Suhana starts lying to them. She tells them that she was dressed like a bride only for a play. Naira tells them that Brijesh’s mum has confirmed this too. Suhana lies to them that she was modelling for helping her designer cousin. Rahul shows the fashion show pictures. Suhana produces fake evidences to plead innocence. Kartik and Naira fail to expose Suhana.

Suhana sheds tears and does a big drama to win everyone’s sympathy. Suhana blames Naira for being jealous of her and trying to ruin her happiness. Savita makes Naira apologize to Suhana. Suhana feels the family has been unjust towards her and didn’t give her a chance to explain. Savita calls off the engagement. Kartik and Naira face Aryan’s wrath. Aryan doesn’t let Suhana go. He shows his belief in her. He fulfills the engagement ritual. Manish sides with Kartik, while Suwarna supports Aryan. Aryan gets into an argument with Manish and Kartik. He feels they can’t see him happy. Suwarna too feels Kartik has done wrong. Manish doesn’t think Suhana is innocent. Suwarna wants to keep Aryan’s relationship. Aryan vents out his anger on the family. Suwarna too walks out with her son. Suhana tells Rahul that they have to be cautious of Kartik and Naira. She finds a way to fool them.


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