Ikyawann: Satya to lay his silent support for Susheel

Susheel's existence

Susheel has to prove herself. She aims to make her family proud. Sarthi trains Susheel. Satya keeps an eye on Susheel. He feels happy seeing Susheel’s training going on. Susheel gets tired and takes some rest. Satya feels Susheel is working too hard. He gets a health drink for Susheel. Susheel goes to get water. She finds the health drink and consumes it. Satya hides from Susheel and does everything. Sarthi finds Satya’s hidden efforts for Susheel. She doesn’t reveal anything to Susheel. Satya supports Susheel like a silent pillar of strength. Satya loves Susheel and has been hiding his feelings from the family. Susheel is yet to learn the truth.

Susheel goes for the wrestling selection at a national level. Its a big day for Susheel. Sarthi has worked hard after Susheel, who has entered the wrestling championship to make the nation proud. Susheel gets nervous seeing the tough competitors.

Sarthi encourages her and asks her to believe herself. She asks Susheel to focus on her own talents and not worry by the opponent’s capabilities. Susheel goes for the tough tasks. Susheel wins the first round where she gets blindfold and wrestles. Susheel conspires to win the competition. Susheel will be motivating other girls. She will be making her family and trainer’s name shine. She wins the competition by a clear victory. Susheel’s amazing performance stuns Sarthi. Susheel gets the title of the wrestling champion. She achieves her dreams.


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