Ishqbaaz: Shivay’s re-marriage twist to shock Oberois

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika

Shivay, Omkara and Rudra decide to stand by Anika and prove her dad innocent. Shivay doesn’t want Anika to bear the taunts of the world. He decides to choose Anika’s family over his own family this time. Shivay tells his brothers that he has always chosen his family, but now Anika needs him in such an hour. He doesn’t want to leave Anika alone by getting under Roop’s pressurizing. Shivay is sure that he has ample time to prove Anika’s dad innocent. He starts working out his plan to remove all the false allegations on Harshvardhan. He doesn’t want Anika to have a heart aching moment.

He meets Roop and tells her that he will marry the girl of her choice if she is ready to give all the fake evidences plotted against Anika’s dad. Shivay fools Roop in his plan. He is sure that once he destroys the evidences, Roop will have nothing to blackmail him. He deals with the bitter truth with utmost maturity. Roop didn’t expect Shivay to be supportive of Anika after knowing Harsh’s connection with the mills incident.

Even then, Shivay has shown much belief in Anika and her family. Roop prepares for Shivay’s re-marriage to separate Anika and him. Omkara and Rudra gear up to stop Shivay’s re-marriage, about which Anika has no idea.

Roop traps Shivay in her bungalow. She asks her men to keep an eye on Shivay. She takes away his phone as well. Omkara and Rudra can’t believe that Roop can stoop so low. They try to find Shivay’s location. They hide the marriage matter from Anika, as Shivay doesn’t want Anika to have any tensions. Anika still gets tensed and asks them about Shivay. Omkara and Rudra succeed to lie to Anika and cover up the matter. Shakti and Pinky also stay stressed about Shivay’s whereabouts. They don’t want Shivay to fall in any trouble. They get angered on Roop, when she calls them up. Roop threatens Pinky and asks her to keep the things discrete. She tells Pinky that she has kidnapped Shivay and wants her to obey her command. She asks Pinky to come to her place.

Shivay gets surrounded by Roop’s men. He finds hard to make an escape. He tells the guards that he needs to go to washroom. He aims to find the folder which contains all the evidences against Anika’s dad. He is sure that Omkara and Rudra will track him and come to rescue. Shivay looks for the folder in Roop’s absence. He doesn’t know Roop is blackmailing Pinky too. Pinky and Roop have a row. Roop likes filling poison in Oberois’ lives. Shivay reaches Roop’s safe and tries to get the folder. He punches in the password to get the documents in time.

Roop reveals to Pinky that she is blackmailing Shivay for re-marriage so that she gets all the peace of the world. She wants Anika and the family to cry seeing Shivay in sorrow. Pinky asks Roop to mend her ways and not be a trouble maker for them. Roop asks Pinky to convince the family for Shivay’s re-marriage. She builds up pressure and asks Pinky to take all the blame on herself. Pinky can’t believe she would be seeing this day. She doesn’t want to do any injustice with Anika, whom she has accepted heartily as her daughter-in-law.

Shivay succeeds to unlock the safe and get away with the evidences. Pinky refuses to ruin Anika’s life. She asks Roop to change herself till she has time. Roop tells Pinky that she wants revenge. She is angry as Shivika has sent Veer to jail. She asks Pinky not to act smart and just obey her. Shivay gets into a fight with the goons while Pinky comes back home with a sinking heart. Pinky hides the tension from Anika. She acts normal and wishes Anika’s smile stays intact. Omkara and Rudra reach Roop’s place to find Shivay. Roop returns home and learns Shivay is missing. She orders the men to find Shivay at any cost. Veer breaks the prison and returns in Shivika’s life with vengeance.


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